Rat Virgins Prove Sex Makes You Smarter

ratHere’s a nugget of good news for the day: A new study done by researchers at Princeton University suggests that having sex may actually boost brain power. That’s right—getting your rocks off could make you smarter. Talk about a win-win situation.

In the study scientists gave a group of male rats regular access to several “sexually receptive” (a.k.a., horny) female rats, and then two weeks later compared the brains of those males to the brains of a group of male rat virgins (which, by the way, would make an excellent band name). The adult brain cells of the rats that had been humping everyday for 14 days grew, as did the number of connections between their brain cells. The brain cells of the male rat virgins? Not so much. Also—and this is hardly surprising—the sexually active rats exhibited much more confidence than their not-so-smart virgin counterparts. We can just imagine how this would play out in Pixar animation: A gang of cocky rat players talks smack to a shy, awkward rat virgin voiced, obviously, by Michael Cera. But, we digress…The point is, sex is most likely good for your brain. Oh, that, and it sucks to be a rat virgin.