Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

Monday morning, we debuted our version of “America’s Got Talent” today, called “America’s Got Ta-Ta-Talent!” The hotties from West Coast HootersAfton, Brooklyn, Claudia and Tonya – showed off their talented breasts, which can rain dance, hold a microphone, and almost juggle a golf ball. The new Los Angeles Hooters is now open at LA Live downtown so go and visit these beauties. Tell them we sent you!

Oooh! We also got the girls to squeeze into a single Hooters shirt in honor of the Downtown LA Grand Opening! Check out the video! And another

Betsy Brandt, the star of AMC’s hit show “Breaking Bad” also joined us on Monday morning to dish on the new season. Spoiler Alert! She may be getting naked – now, we can neither confirm nor deny…we can only hope. She also told us how she bought a watermelon once – that had been blessed by Jesus - for her fellow cast members. Very thoughtful! Be sure to catch the season premiere this Sunday, July 17th, on AMC. 10 p.m. / 9c.

Tuesday morning meant more fun at the Mini Mansion and it involved…WAX! We brought out the Wheel of Wax and watched as Playboy Model Chelsea and listener Christine took turns spinning it. Chelsea got her peach fuzz waxed, and Andrea let Chelsea pour hot wax on her breasts, and even Kevin joined the fun! He “waxed poetic” while Fay from Westwood Waxing Salon stripped him of arm hair —–> Ewwww.

Wednesday, big man Lou Pizarro from TruTV’s “Operation Repo” stopped by. We were hoping he’d repossess some of our crappy studio equipment, or even Jaron. Instead, he hung out and shared some crazy stories about being in the repo business. Lou was once attacked by a 6-foot tall red-headed woman when he tried to take her car.  He also had to repossess a jet, and scored a ride in it! And yes, he’s received offers for sex from women who want to keep their vehicles. Lou claims he’s never cashed in on any of those…but he did cash in on checking out Andrea Lowell’s beautiful Playboy breasts.

And lovely Playboy Live models Marie and Allison joined us for a lively round of Know It Or Show It! This time, ALL of the clothes came off! Just the way we like it.

We sent our February RadioMate Sherra Michelle to cover the red carpet at The ESPYs! She congratulated Shawn Marion on his win (although she didn’t know which sport he played), asked David Anderson if he liked her “tight end,” and hit on Matt Kemp now that Rihanna is out of the picture. She even played a round of “Would You Rather…” with the guys. Carmelo Anthony vs. Casey Anthony. This is why we love her. See pictures of her full coverage here.

In honor of’s Milkin It feature of Playboy Models covered in Milk, we decided to do our own version in studio Friday morning. Models Leslie & Sara joined us for some Dairy Fun that just so happened to involve Whip Cream!!! Turn On!!! Comedian Pablo Francisco was also in studio to witness all the Whipped Fun!

Since Friday’s are our days to make a “Bunny Funny” comedian Pablo Francisco stuck around to help both our bunnies battle it out on who could deliver the best Stand Up Routine. These beauties were actually very FUNNY!

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