Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

Jack Passion, author of The Facial Hair Handbook, stopped by to show off his award-winning beard and moustache Monday morning! He told us that going down on a woman is tricky - he has to be careful not to get his beard caught in his mouth, although he usually braids it. Jack is one of the members of “The Board of Manliness,” a group that compiled a list of the manliest cities in America. Coming out on top … NASHVILLE, TN! In last place …  LOS ANGELES! The lesson: Cowboys are manly. Metrosexual actors are not.

We celebrated Oktoberfest (or as we like to call it, Oktober-BREAST) Tuesday with our SEXY beer maiden, Katrina! She came in to show off her hot costume, and to serve Kevin a beer – which he proceeded to drink through a straw.

Ray William Johnson joined us in-studio. He’s a YouTube sensation, unlike us. In fact, he has the MOST SUBSCRIBED to channel on the site – of all time! He gets roughly the same amount of viewers as LENO, JIMMY FALLON, DAVID LETTERMAN, CRAIG FERGUSON, CARSON DALY, THE DAILY SHOW and JIMMY KIMMEL combined! Ray says occasionally he gets offers for sex from women who are obsessed with him. All the more reason to capitalize on social networking.

Wednesday we played a GREAT game of Know It Or Show It! Alyssa, Alexandra, and our Nov. /Dec. 2011 COLLEGE GIRLS Cover Model Katie stopped by to show off their smarts, and their bodies! We didn’t get a lot of nudity, but we did get some great peeks! You’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

Thursday morning was one lucky listener’s BIG day! Ed was fortunate enough to be picked out of several submissions for our “Float on Your Boat” Playmate pictorial to meet Miss July 2011 Jessa Hinton. Since we couldn’t really have boats on our premises, listeners sent in floatation devices in place of their boats. Thank you to the below listeners for sending us their “boats”…

  • Robert in Florida – Blue Pool Raft
  • Alan in Vegas – Green Transparent Inner Tube
  • Karla in Chicago – Vibrating Rubber Ducky
  • Brett, 18, from Cleveland – Yellow Rubber Ducky Bath Toy
  • Justin in Texas – Beer Pong Raft
  • Ed in Los Angeles – Pink Pool Noodle

Here are some behind the scenes photo’s of Jessa Hinton being shot by our official Playboy Morning Show Photographer Krystle Lina

For more behind the scenes of Jessa’s Playmate Listener Pictorial check out The Playboy Morning Show’s Daily Blog P.S. Krystle’s professional photos of Jessa will be posted soon!

Friday morning included a HOT Real Housewife and naked painting! Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley from the Real Housewives of Orange County joined us in the Mini Mansion to talk about their special event “Keepin It Real-ity” and they brought us gifts! Nothing says THANK YOU like tequila in a glass penis shaped bottle. These two enjoy morning sex and are not afraid to get down and dirty in the bedroom. Gretchen says that Slade has a Magic Penis!

We had a lot of fun with Gretchen & Slade but their visit to the Mini Mansion wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous Playboy model! So we whipped out our body paints and got our super sexy model, Jenny Allford, down to her bra and panties so Gretchen, Slade, Andrea and Kevin can compete in CHICKTIONARY! Yup! You guessed it, Jenny was our beautiful canvas. TURN ON!

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