Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

Fishing badass Charlie Moore stopped by the Mini Mansion Monday morning to go FISHING FOR PANTIES!!! Oh! And to talk about his show on the NBC Sports Network Charlie Moore: No Offense. We really got the dirt from him when it came to his sex life with his wife and High School sweetheart. They go at it 4 to 5 times a week! Now that’s a sex life! Charlie also enjoys a good cigar so keep that in mind if you want to get on his good side.

We went ONE on ONE with the girls of the Lingerie Basketball League Tuesday morning. Zipporah Chase #19 captain of The LA Beauties, Shannon Watkins #11 on The LA Glam, Mae Escobar #16 captain of The LA Starlets, Tara Heston #10 on The LA Divas came in studio looking super sexy in their lingerie uniforms. We learned so much from the girls as they taught us what a Weenus was. Now, now it’s not what you think! Apparently, it’s the skin on your elbow and it’s Tara’s sexual fetish (hint, hint guys). Also, these girls are not like the guys of the NBA who don’t like to have sex before a game … these girls say HELL YES to getting it on before tip-off.


Since it was Wednesday, we just had to play Know It or Show It! Our beauties Vanessa, Leslie & Sherra took on the categories of …

  • “California is Going to Release Thousands of Female Prisoners due to Overcrowding or as the Prison System calls it Over Diking” … Questions about Prison Jargon
  • “NFL is back! Someone Should Tell Romo” … Questions about the NFL and Football
  • “The Woman Didn’t Like Having Sex with the Clown Because She Said it Felt Funny” … Questions about Safe Sex

Round 1 started off on a bad note as none of the girls removed any clothing but Round 2 & 3 proved better, as all the girls started to get naked one shirt and skirt at a time. Sorry boys but if you wanna see some boobies check out our blog!


If you’re looking for a tit-torial … we mean a tutorial … On how to fix or build something don’t go to youTube go to! This website delivers free how-to videos performed by attractive sexy women in lingerie and bikinis! TURN ON! Tara and Ashley from Eye Handy came by the Mini Mansion Thursday to show us how to chill a beer in under 3minutes … Now that’s helpful!

  1. Fill a bowl/sink/cooler with ice so it covers your warm beer.
  2. Submerge the warm beer and ice with water.
  3. Pour a lot of salt in the bowl/sink/cooler … and we mean A LOT!
  4. Swish around the beer, ice, water and salt for about  30 seconds

Oh and since we had this freezing bowl of water, we just had to see if they would get Andrea’s nipples hard. So what did we do? The only thing we could do … We made Andrea take off her top and dunk both her boobs right into the freezing cold water! The results … REALLY HARD NIPPLES!!!

Our Sexy Sex Ed teacher Miss Sofia Love joined us in the Mini Mansion, Friday morning to teach us about Masturbation. We found out that if you want to bring up the topic of masturbating in class all you have to day is “Miss Sofia, I like to touch myself.” After our lesson, Miss Sofia Love reached deep into our Mystery Box of Questions. She says it’s ok to want to be called a “slut” or “whore” while having sex; it shows that the woman just wants to feel dominated. Sofia also touched on the subject of male grooming. Her simple answer … It’s a MUST! Girls don’t like more hair than penis!

After our Sex Ed class, comedian Greg Proops came in studio to make us all laugh during Andrea’s Week In Sex and to help make two of our Bunnies Funny! Gorgeous Playboy TV girls Desiree Claire and Summer Green came dolled up in lingerie, very sexy lingerie mind you.  Before we put our girls to the test we learned that Summer had her first orgasm two days ago and that she believes killer whales are misunderstood. Yup, you read that last part right! Greg thinks it’s because killer whales are too overdressed for the ocean because they are black & white (insert laughter here). As for our other Bunny Desiree, we learned that the craziest place she’s had sex was in a monastery!   

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