On the Sauce: Do a Good Deed, Drink Beer

On the Sauce: Do a Good Deed, Drink Beer

Forget Ladies Night. Okay don’t forget it forever. Forget it for like a minute. Because Guinness is launching the Generous Hour. This has nothing to do with voluptuous women. Or does it? We’re not actually sure about that — because that could be cool too. Yeah, but no. When Guinness says “Generous” they mean beer. And also, no joke, do-gooding.

Inspired by its founder’s philanthropic legacy, Guinness has launched Guinness Generous Ale for the holiday season, “a special offering from the iconic beer brand that’s brewed in a traditional winter ale style, but with more body and the distinct roast for which Guinness Draught is known.” That sounds alright by us and we’ll order up a few pints ‘o that straight away, on the double, ya.

On the Sauce: Do a Good Deed, Drink Beer


  • Appearance: The rich amber head settles into a deep hue of roasted chestnut accented by a glowing ember of dark cherry.
  • Ingredients: Guinness’ signature roasted barley
  • ABV: 5.6 percent ABV

Hang on before you guzzle — here’s the “Generous” part: To coincide with the new beer, Guinness is encouraging others to give back through the Generous Hour, an initiative to inspire others to pledge acts of generosity this holiday season — AKA, bragging rights. Generosity comes in many forms and the Generous Hour is an opportunity for individuals to embrace the season by committing “generous hours” of their time to others.

By visiting www.GuinnessGivesBack.com, you can pledge an hour of service for anything, be it gift-wrapping for a friend, assisting in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, being a designated driver or even lending fantasy football advice to the last place team in your league.

Who knew beer could be so sweet to you like that?



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