Nine Lessons Learned at a Pickup Artist Summit

Pickup Artist Summit

Level 3 nightclub in Hollywood is filled with some of the top pick up artists in the world. Sporting names like Hypnotica, Bad Boy, Hydro, and Adonis, these gurus are on hand at the 4th annual PUA (Pickup Artist) World Summit to lead alpha males into a new era of picking up women.

Totally devoid of irony, a PUA instructor tells the large gathering of men (most who look like tech support): “That dick isn’t going to suck itself!” Very true, if it could we would have seen it on YouTube years ago.

Everyone jumps to their feet while chanting: “It’s going to get better! It’s going to get better!”

Part self-help seminar, part Fight Club, this pickle party of pickup mastery has attracted guys from such far reaches as Croatia, Germany, Australia and China. They’ve all paid roughly $199-$399 to attend this weekend’s event. It’s just like they say, the game is to be sold, not told.

The Mystery Method (as read about in The Game) is already PUA old school. The new, progressive pick up artist no longer walks around with a set of props and magic tricks while “peacocking” in a large hat.

Mystery Method

These raconteurs secure strange women’s booties by playing to the immediate moment, creating an opening, escalating the situation and then obtaining the all-important close.

Here are a few of the top pick up tips I carried away from the PUA Summit that changed my skirt chasing world forever:

PUA TIP # 1: Laughter is the Best Lubricant

Why Lie SignThough KY Jelly comes in at a close second, nothing gets the naughty parts moist like a good joke. Instead of throwing out tired pick up lines, observe your surroundings and spout something that’s immediate and humorous like, “You’re so sexy. Can you turn it off?” or “I don’t know what’s making people intimidated by you, but its not working on me.” Ground the statement by adding, “Seriously you are a fun person and I’d love to hang out.” Pick up mastery is yours.

It’s kind of like when a panhandler catches you off guard with a sign that says “Why lie I just want beer,” and then says “Seriously, do you have an extra dollar?” after you stop giggling.

PUA TIP # 2: Sell Yourself

sell yourself

Much like the haggard salesmen in Glengary Glen Ross, PUAs need to practice ABC’s (Always Be Closing). You can’t get the date unless you bring it up. When sarging in the field never go more than 10 seconds without opening a set with a woman. Step up like a real man and make the commitment. Being afraid of rejection only creates anxiety and blueballs.

“You are selling people; you are selling yourself,” explains Adam Lyon—a  PUA from Britain. He suggests: “Make yourself become a better person. You got to have a good product so a woman will give you 5 minutes of their time.”

Instead of memorizing a bunch of pickup lines, Adam suggests becoming the man women desire–by possessing positive character traits. Forget about appearing needy or desperate. Instead, be yourself and look confident. Open with simple things like asking directions, making an interesting observation, or paying a compliment. Proceed from there to a transition line: “Where are you from? You are so friendly.” Once the opener goes well: isolate and escalate!

PUA TIP # 3: Know Your ABT’s—Always Be Touching

women touchingMuch like utilizing ABC’s, PUA should also remember ABTs (Always Be Touching). Early in the set, establish touching with the woman. While conversing, slide your hand on her and push it off. Never pat the girl like a dog, there are all sorts of horrible connotations buried in that. Instead, instigate light touching and squeezes. If she’s responsive then escalate the situation. Conversely, going from absolutely no physical contact to suddenly touching the woman can come across as creepy, not to mention borderline illegal.

Hugging is another good way to test the physical contact waters. Asking to read a girl’s palm is a surefire way to work in some immediate touching. Extra points if you can get really good at palm reading and determine if your attempts at seduction are going to lead to anything in the process.

PUA TIP # 4: Go For Your Goal

reach your goalThe awesomely named C. Johnny Wolf—senior instructor for the ABC´s of Attraction, philosophizes on his secret with the ladies: “All you got to do is be happy. If you’re happy with your life it will come naturally.”

We then see a video of Johnny swimming with sharks, venturing into a cave infested with flying bats and knocking out an opponent while Thai boxing. These things must make Johnny happy—along with picking up women.

Johnny summons a call to action: “It’s time to liberate yourself from all the bullshit and walk towards your passion and what you want in life.” He continues: “When you see a girl at a club don’t hesitate; start walking towards your goal. If you don’t know the exact opening line to say, you’ll figure it out in the moment.” Fight Club chanting follows. (“If I do something, I’ll figure it out!  If I do something, I’ll figure it out!”)

He then adds: “5-10 years from now I want to see a wedding invitation from all of you guys.” Someone’s needy!

PUA TIP #5: Focus on Your Performance

focus on performanceIn the field, your goal is to make the woman feel comfortable. With your performance, concentrate on coming across as playful, fun, and cocky instead of phony. Mehow—a PUA artist originally from Poland, suggests utilizing strong eye-contact and a smile when approaching a girl at a club and then opening with: “Aren’t you Betty from middle school? I use to have the biggest crush on you.”

Once your performance goes well, escalate the set. Spot another woman across the room and act surprised: “Oh that’s my friend Debbie.” Abruptly leave and head over to the second woman. Again, commence the “Betty from middle school” performance. Simultaneously, play the two women off each other and start a jealous rivalry. Go home with the winner.

PUA TIP # 6: High-Risk Is Low-Risk And Low-Risk Is High-Risk

high riskLook, the Kool-Aid man doesn’t just come to your door and whisper, “Kool Aid.” No. The Kool Aid man breaks right through the goddamn wall.

While everything you need to know about anything ever is summarized in the above sentence, in this case, it refers to PUA tactics. Specifically, the tactics that call for a PUA to be super aggressive to see if a woman is down for it. Relax, it just sounds like a crime. What they’re talking about is aggressive words, like these provocative sentences, for example:

  1. “What’s the most interesting place you have had sex?”
  2. “Let’s go! I’m a guy and I want to fuck you.”

It’s that simple, apparently! Not to mention still probably a criminal act depending on the setting! But according to the theory, talking really sexual gets the woman thinking about bumping uglies. “Present sex to women as superior behavior,” advocates Vince Kelvin, the mastermind behind the first of those two sentences (the one that comes with less of a possibility of having a drink thrown in your eyes).

Clad in bracelets and necklaces and sporting a business card that’s printed on a condom wrapper, the author of Same Night Sex feels it’s all about re-branding slutty girls: “You are a sexually inhibited goddess. You are a sexual liberated and powerful women.’”

Michael Hurst, author of both Become That Guy and the ultra-subtle come on in sentence number two, claims his direct approach has gotten him laid by everyone from party girls to virgins before graphically regaling everyone with tales of once getting a hummer in an airplane bathroom. With intense eye-contact he adds, “Know that women want sex!”

Follow his sage advice, and you’ll be knee deep in bathroom blowies in no time. And anyone who knows anything knows that bathroom sex only leads to great things.

PUA TIP #7: Live the PUA Lifestyle

Directv Russian AdGarnish social proof: head to the club with a pack of female friends as your entourage. (A 6-1 ratio is suggested.) This dynamic gives validation to other women that you are a cool guy that knows how to show a girl a good time. Your female entourage also fills the important wingman role.

With your social circle, take it a step further and create a cool homestead where people like hanging out in, which will help foster your PUA lifestyle. Just like the big crazy Project Hollywood house in The Game, it helps to have a pick up pad close to all the action. This provides easy accessibility when it comes to bringing home the ladies to your PUA abode. It worked for Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, why couldn’t it work for you too?

PUA TIP #8: Use Technology

smartphoneYour cell phone is a key piece of PUA equipment. When at a club, snap a photo of the girl you are chatting up with your cell phone. Ask for her number and say you want to send her the photo. If she is hesitant about giving up the digits, tell her you’ll Photoshop the image to make her look like she’s topless and post it on Facebook. Just joking! Instead, fire out a funny response: “I’m only going to call you 17,000 times an hour.”

Having a strange photo on your phone also helps to break the ice. As an opener, hold out your cell phone, point to the photo and say,” Do you know what this is? My cousin put this on my phone.” Pictures of your junk are not recommended.

PUA TIP # 9: Practice Makes Perfect

Tiger Woods PracticePractice takes the pain and discomfort out of trying to pick up women. Miami PUA Speer is running a mini-boot camp at a shopping mall on Hollywood Boulevard. This smooth operator’s pupil is a 22-year-old named Caesar. The poor little fella’ looks petrified. Sweat glazes his brow. His eyes shift. Is Caesar going to be sick? Will this be a train wreck?

“There’s a two-set,” Speer says, pointing out a pair of women at a table. “Remember it’s sitting and asking all in one motion.” As an opener, Caesar is told to bait the girl with an opinion so she’ll invest into the conversation.

Hesitant, Caesar jumps into action. As coached, he sits down with relaxed body posture—a position of power. Amazing. The woman is soon smiling. Somehow nervous Caesar has cracked it.

“She’s turned in. That’s an indicator of interest.” Speer points out: “At this time you should get the number.” He adds: “Let’s see if he ejects right away. It’s bad if he ejects because he has to develop a rapport so when he calls she will want to go out.”


“She gave me her number,” Caesar beams as he comes back all smiles. “She’s from South Africa and wanted to find stuff to do.”

Speer feedback: “Be sure to interact with her friend” In order to hook up, Caesar should also try to win over her friends.

Caesar gets gutsier. He engages another two-set. More success. As he talks, the girl exhorts flirty body language by leaning on her hands. While he works his newly-taught magic, a gutter-punk chick with spiky hair comes over to me and spouts the line: “You look just like my husband who died a couple of days ago.” Not a great PUA opener, but it surely got my attention.

Caesar has limited luck: “They were from Russia and couldn’t speak very good English.”

Feedback: “Don’t ask a lot of questions—no one likes to be interviewed. Show them you have a personality and can lead a conversation.”  More: “Observe and modify your story so they can relate to it. Think on the fly.”

Time for phase two. Speers turns to his protégé. “Do you know how to do moving sets?”

The tactic: pick up a girl while she’s walking. The key is to position yourself directly in front of the target then turn around. (If you come up from behind it’s kinda creepy.) Speer explains the approach: “Have a pictures on your cell phone, walk in front of the girl, turn, and say, “I was at this club and my phone dropped has that happened to you?”

“I’ll open those two,” Caesar says and bolts past a pair of blonds, then turns around. He doesn’t hook; they keep walking.

“They were cool but I couldn’t get them to stop.”
“Just keep tossing it out until they hook. Keep moving; then go direct!”

Caesar gives it another shot.  This time he succeeds in getting a brunette woman to stop. He then pulls the classic PUA maneuver; he cuts out of the conversation then moments later turns back to the woman.

Speer beams with pride: “He just did a ‘Columbo’. It’s taking yourself out of the set and then turning back.”

Caesar is also happy with the success: “Everyday I go to the park and try to get numbers.”

Speer confesses the same solo affinity at malls: “I like to go by myself because no one gets in the way.” But now that Speer has a steady girlfriend he has achieved one of the true goals of the professional pick up artist: “A relationship is the longest set you are going to have for life,” he admits. “You always got to keep things new and exciting.”