Viral Outbreak: What Happens in Japan Doesn’t Stay in Japan


Once an actor reaches a certain level of stardom, doing commercials becomes something that they’re way too good for. Unless they’re doing voice over work like George Clooney or something, they tend to shy away from attaching their esteemed name to a pedestrian task like product endorsement.

At least, that’s how they feel about doing commercials in the United States. In Japan, on the other hand, all bets are off. Time and again, celebrities have sold out for the quick (and astronomically sizable) cash to lend their personality to some of the most bizarre commercials imaginable. It was probably a risk-free endeavor before the Internet took over the world, but those days are long gone.

This time around, Nicolas Cage is the latest in a long line of embarrassed actors to learn that what happens in Japan, definitely doesn’t stay in Japan.