Viral Outbreak: China Has Their Own Nicki Minaj


We recently posted a video about people living the “Black Lifestyle” in Japan. Apparently, the fascination doesn’t end in Japan. China also appears to be bound and determined to prove that you don’t have to live in a country without black people just because there are no black people in your country.

This time around, the “homage” to black culture comes from a girl who has been dubbed “China’s answer to Nicki Minaj.” How excited are people about this woman? Check the video description:

Zhang Jiaojiao from China perfromed “Super Bass” in a Chinese Tvshow called “Blossming Flowers”, her amazing singing skills brought us the best live performance in the history of this kind of Tvshow.

You read that right. This is the best live performance in the history of this kind of television show, which we assume means any show that features live performances. Suck it, Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Check out one of the more awful cover versions of a Nicki Minaj song you’ll ever hear, and then check out the actual video below that. You know, just to drive home how exceptionally awful the Chinese knockoff Nicki Minaj really is. For fun, see if you can spot the fake Asian Nicki Minaj in the REAL “Super Bass” video also. Because there totally is one.

And the actual “Super Bass” video…