Mike Trout vs. James Dolan


I have no idea what I was doing when I was 20. Mostly because I was 20. I can tell you I definitely wasn’t leading the majors in batting average and stolen bases when I was 20. Which is exactly what Mike Trout is doing now, despite being in the minors almost the entire month of April.

It’s time to realize that Mike Trout isn’t just the best rookie this year, but the best baseball player in the world. Hall-of-Famers are comparing him to legends. And it’s deserved.

In the week since being named to the All-Star team (and picking up a hit, walk and stolen base in the game), Trout has 14 hits, two homers, and four stolen bases. It was easy to think he might regress as the season went on. But if anything he looks to be doing the opposite.

For all the talk about Albert Pujols joining the Angels this offseason, it turns out adding Mike Trout was all they really had to do. Since he was called up, the Angels have the best record in baseball. Guys. He’s 20. And capable of doing this kind of stuff.


The New York Knicks were faced with a decision no one wants to make: Resign their most popular player who brought millions of dollars to the franchise, or you know, or let him go for nothing.

So naturally they picked to instead replace him with Raymond Felton and a guy you wouldn’t trust driving to the hoop.

But there’s good reason for why the Knicks didn’t resign the best thing to happen to them pretty much ever. Their owner, James Dolan, felt betrayed by Jeremy Lin.

Quick recap on Jeremy Lin. He has been cut more than Julius Caesar. Last season he made about $800,000. So signing an offer sheet from Houston for $25 million was not only the smart thing to do, but the only real option. Especially since head coach Mike Woodson said they would absolutely match any offer.

Except there’s one thing everyone was forgetting. James Dolan is an egomaniacal idiot. And somehow he was offended that Jeremy Lin wanted to make money.

I might be a little biased since Jeremy Lin lived across the street from me, which was sadly probably the best thing going on in my life. But I really wanted Lin to stay on the Knicks. He was the only fun thing to happen to the Knicks for years. People cared. It was weird.

But Dolan has his priorities. Like singing and stuff. But recently with the Nets moving to Brooklyn the loyal Knicks fans might actually have a reason to jump ship. And I couldn’t blame them.

At least they had the courtesy of a 30-second phone call to let him know he wasn’t going to be with the Knicks anymore.

Thankfully, we live in a world where justice is only a Wikipedia page edit away.


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