Man Crush vs. Douchebag: Todd Frazier vs. NBA Refs


My Memorial Day wasn’t too eventful. Pretty much everyone other than me was out of town doing stuff on beaches and drinking in excess. Meanwhile, I went on a bike ride and took a nap. That’s about it.

Todd Frazier’s was slightly more eventful. After watching his Reds lose to the Pirates (and huge Man Crush James McDonald), Frazier went out for dinner with his teammate Ryan Ludwick at the Capital Grille.

He noticed a guy sitting by him choking and sprung into action, performing the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodging a huge piece of meat from his throat and in effect saving his life. The best part? The dude decided to finish his meal. That’s how you do Memorial Day, people.

But that wasn’t all. The day before he saved a dude’s life, he hit a home run without having any hands on the bat. I’ve watched way, way too much baseball in my life and never seen a guy throw a bat at the ball and hit it out.

And not to be outdone, he doubled and tripled on Tuesday. Not bad for a 26-year-old rookie who I had no idea even existed until this week, despite his glory in the Little League World Series.

The only explanation is he is actually a superhero. And definitely a Man Crush.


Somehow, I don’t think NBA refs got the memo. Seriously no one wants the Miami Heat to win. Except the refs who go out of their way to help them do just so.

Complaining about refs is really tired and often just an excuse for your team not playing better. But this is getting kind of ridiculous. In Game Two of the Western Conference Finals, Miami took 48 free throws. The Celtics? 29. LeBron James alone took 24. It’s not so much a case of trying to rig the series for Miami (although you have to think the NBA would love to have them in the Finals as sort of a Tim Duncan-led Spurs as the good guys and the Miami Heat as the least likable group of people ever), it’s more the blatant favoritism LeBron and Wade get.

During the course of the game and overtime, Wade and LeBron each got two fouls. Meanwhile, Paul Pierce fouled out. Essentially the fouls cost the Celtics the game.

Look, I don’t believe in a league-wide conspiracy or anything to hurt the Celtics, but I definitely think star players (LeBron and Wade in particular) get treated very differently than say Taj Gibson. Maybe they’ve earned it for their greatness. But Wade shouldn’t be able to whack Rajon Rondo in the head and get away with it.

But the refs are forgetting one thing. It’s the Miami Heat. I would have no problem if there would fouls called to favor the Celtics. They are douches in the epic way that LeBron, Wade, and Chris Bosh have established themselves as. And they should be rewarded for not being them.

I just really, really want the Heat to lose. Even if the league has to cheat for it to happen.


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