Man Crush vs. Douchebag: Kirk Cousins vs. the NY Mets

Man Crush of the Week:
Kirk Cousins

For most of my life, the Washington Redskins have been the laughingstock of the NFL. Pretty much anything they did ended up not only being he wrong decision, but one that was comically disastrous to the future of the franchise as well.

Up until this point, the Redskins had been a feel-good story. Led by Man Crush alum Robert Griffin III, they were poised to actually make the playoffs. Then RG3 got hurt and everything looked like things were about to get Redskinsy again.

But they just turned to their other apparently amazing rookie quarterback and ended up in first place.

I had no idea Kirk Cousins was in the NFL. I’d seen him play a couple times in college and always thought he was a good player, I just never realized he was actually drafted and on a team. But he was. And better for the Redskins, it looks like those years of terrible karma is all paying off this year as Cousins put up a monster game, throwing for 329 yards and two touchdowns in his first career start, all while establishing himself as the potentially good version of Matt Flynn this year.

For a guy stuck behind the biggest revelation at quarterback all year (who is coincidentally a rookie as well) this was exactly what Man Crushes are all about. Those unsung guys who step-up when they’re called on, do really well, and probably get traded to the Jets at the end of the year.


Douchebag of the Week:
The New York Mets

It’s not secret how much love R.A. Dickey. And what’s not to love about him? He has a ridiculous comeback story, is a great pitcher, and THROWS A KNUCKLEBALL.

The only reason not to like him would be if you were the team paying him and out of loyalty he asked for a well-below average contract after, you know, winning the Cy Young Award, but you were concerned with all the charity work he did so you had to trash him in the media in order to trade him to Canada. Which is exactly what the Mets did.

As a potential Mets fan (I’m not going to re-up my Yankees ticket package), R.A. Dickey was the best thing to happen to the team in probably a decade. The fans adored him. He was the only bright spot on an otherwise Dementor-level of soul sucking misery that is the New York Mets. One of my favorite sports memories of this year was going to Dickey’s 20th win and seeing the crowd get behind every out Dickey recorded, basically willing him to the victory. It was completely genuine in a sports world where that is so hard to find.

But the Mets couldn’t offer him reportedly more than $20 million over two years, which is what you pay back of the rotation starters. Worse, they publicly criticized him for letting the attention get to his head, you know, like doing events for abused children or attending the Mets season ticket holder Christmas party.

I can’t argue with the trade they made, getting two very good prospects out of it. But the way they treated Dickey makes me wonder why anyone would want to sign with the Mets. It was the final embarrassing moment in an ownership group who have redefined embarrassing.

So good job Mets. You managed to even manage to surprise your long-suffering fan base with how terrible you could be.


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