Man Crush vs. Douchebag: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Amir Johnson

Man Crush of the Week: Juan Manuel Marquez

Over the last couple years, boxing has been dominated by Mann Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. With boxing at one of its lowest levels of popularity ever, these were probably the only two names known to the average sports fan. Both of them are seriously flawed. Manny with his pop career and glued-on goatee and Floyd Mayweather being one of the most boring athletes ever.

To make it worse, neither would agree to fight each other, causing rumors of the fight to finally happen and then suddenly be stopped because one or both of the fighters couldn’t reach an actual agreement to fight.

Well it looks like that charade might finally be over after Juan Manuel Marquez’s mother told him to knock out Manny Pacquiao and he proceeded to do so.

The two had a long history together of close and controversial fights, but with Marquez never winning. This fight looked no different, as it looked like it would end up going to Pacquiao by decision before Marquez landed a blow to Pacquiao’s jaw, sending him crumpling to the ground in front of  Mitt and Ann Romney. It was a stunning turn of events, and one that might finally put an end to the ill-fated Mayweather/Pacquiao fights.

Unless Marquez was cheating, then all bets are off.

Douchebag of the Week: Amir Johnson

Sports are emotional, full of breathtaking highs and disparaging lows. In games where a clear winner and loser is decided, it’s not rare to see these emotions come out in big ways. Sometimes you score the game-winning touchdown, the best moment of your life, and sometimes you throw the pass that was intercepted for the game-winning touchdown.

And sometimes the referee just won’t give you the ball, even if you really, really want it.

Amir Johnson experienced this emotional low when he wanted to throw the ball back to his teammate shooting free throws, only to have the ref decide he was going to do that, since, that’s like, what he always does.  But Amir wasn’t content without making sure his teammate knew he had previously touched the ball, sent him his good luck at the free throw line. And it ended up costing Johnson the rest of the game.

As a general rule of thumb, fighting with the referee isn’t going to end well. Especially if you get into a physical tussle over the ball for really no apparent reason.

This was hilarious. And one of the just plain stupidest things I’ve ever seen in sports. Johnson was promptly ejected out of the game (or as he put it, was “rejected” from the game, something which makes about as much sense as what he did). Not content with just getting tossed for the dumbest play in recent memory, Johnson threw his mouth guard at the ref on his way to the bench.

You stay classy, Amir. But seriously, keep acting like a five year old, it’s way more entertaining than anything else you’ve done on the court.


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