Geno Smith vs. The Miami Marlins

MC vs. D

Man Crush of the Week: Geno Smith


I talked to a couple people this weekend about some college pigskin. The first thing they all said was, “Did you see Geno Smith’s stats?!?! It was like a video game!!!”

People must be significantly better at video games than me because I’ve definitely never had a game like Geno Smith did. If you were like, “Hey Scott, what’s the biggest stats you can think of for a quarterback?” I would have been like, “600 yards, six TDs.”

Geno decided to go 45-51 for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns in West Virginia’s 70-63 win over Baylor. I can’t even fully comprehend that. Six of his passes were not caught. Six. He threw more touchdowns than incompletions. Talk about positive reinforcement. This might have been the single greatest game in any sport ever. I mean, even in Pop Warner there’s no way a kid is like, “Whatever, Geno, I threw for 9 TDs and 700 yards.” This is about as good as it gets. Sometimes a guy does something just so incredible it can’t be ignored. This is one of those times, even with all sorts of crazy happening in baseball at the end of the season.

Even better his name is Geno and he presumably doesn’t own a pizza place. Can you imagine what the other Geno’s of the world are thinking? He’s the Jackie Robinson of Genos. And for that, he is Man Crush of the Week.

Douchebag of the Week: The Miami Marlins


This was an amazing end to the baseball season. Not only was there a Triple Crown winner for the first time generations, but the Orioles and A’s, two pretty terrible teams on paper, made the playoffs. None of the playoff matchups were set going into the final day of the season. And Teddy won. It was an epic end no matter how you look at it.

And the Miami Marlins, those of the new, empty stadium and Castro-lovin’ manager, felt left out. So what did they do? They gave Adam Greenberg an at-bat.

I have no problem with Greenberg himself. After all, getting hit in the head in your only time up to the plate in your life and getting concussed must be a terrible thing to live with. And now he can fondly remember R.A. Dickeythrowing three pitches past him for the rest of his life. Neat story, although one manufactured by a filmmaker Casey Affleck/Joaquin Phoenix style.

But the Marlins established themselves as not a professional baseball team. This is like how in Spring Training Billy Crystal gets at-bats. Why should Greenberg get an at-bat and not someone who actually deserves it and might never get another chance? Or why not me? You could make the case I’m just as deserving. And even more, why just give him the one at-bat? You’ve already made a joke of your franchise and established you don’t care about winning, why not let him stay in the game and do more than just pathetically strike out?

But the Marlins went the publicity route, not the real sports franchise route. Sure, they’re not the first organization to employ a gimmick and the Marlins certainly need any sort of fan to show up that they can get. But this was almost offensive. Good for Greenberg, I hope he can be at peace with embarrassing himself at the plate now as a pretend Major Leaguer. But the Marlins are the ones with the real problem. As in, everything about them.


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