A.J. McCarron vs. Mike Shanahan

Man Crush of the Week: A.J. McCarron

Alabama destroyed Notre Dame in the National Championship to the surprise of no one. I mean seriously, even the Pope would have been on Alabama.

But the real winner of the night turned out to be A.J. McCarron (and by extension, America).

Sure, it’s pretty impressive to lead your team to consecutive championships, throwing for 264 yards and four touchdowns in the process. The guy will be a god in Alabama for the rest of his life. It was his leadership and grit that lead Alabama to…

Who am I kidding. He’s winning this award because of his girlfriend.

I can’t think of another instance when the most talked about story in a game was one of the player’s girlfriend (although this really wasn’t a game to begin with).

Basically the entire world lost their mind. The 73-year old Brent Musberger had basically a verbal erection the entire night and wouldn’t stop talking about her to the point ESPN actually released a statement about his on-air behavior toward her. And in the process she gained almost 200,000 Twitter followers (including LeBron James/basically every professional athlete).

Turns out she is Katherine Webb, a former Miss Alabama. And yeah she’s basically unreal looking.

But the story only got better when Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett tweeted her his phone number (publicly of course) and asked her to Wingstop and then a strip club, an act of such bold stupidity it nearly earned him Man Crush honors.

So good for McCarron. He should enjoy the next couple weeks until Webb is dating someone super wealthy/famous without this completely horrible tattoo.

Douchebag of the Week: Mike Shanahan

One way to pretty much guarantee yourself a spot as a Douchebag of the Week is to endanger the future of a previous Man Crush, especially one as young and exciting as Robert Griffin III.

And that’s exactly what Mike Shanahan did.

After getting out to a 14-0 lead, the Redskins let the lead dwindle as Griffins injured knee became more and more apparent despite having a completely capable (and Man Crushable) quarterback in Kirk Cousins on the bench.

The fact is Griffin, who was clearly not over his previous knee injury, limiting everything great about RG3. Instead he was thrown out to the Seahawks defense with no regard for his health. Shanahan says he left it up to Griffin but there’s no way he’d pull himself. That’s the coach’s responsibility.

So what happened? The Redskins lost, and now it sounds like RG3 is going to have surgery on both his ALC and LCL, sidelining him for up to eight months.

You’d think for a city where the Washington Nationals decided to probably cost themselves the World Series by shutting down Stephen Strasburg out of concern of his future that Shanahan would at least notice his quarterback can’t like walk right and would have done something about it.

But that didn’t happen.

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