Ahmad Bradshaw vs. Gisele


It would be easy to pick Mario Manningham for Man Crush this week, but he’s already received so much press for his catch he’s become too popular. And his catch gets compared to David Tyree’s way, way too much. It wasn’t nearly as amazing of a catch. It was a good grab, but the type you see in just about every game.

Which leads me to Bradshaw. With less than a minute left in the game, certified evil genius Bill Belichick decided to let the Giants score. So Bradshaw gets the ball on a short run with a clear pass into the end zone. And in that split second, he realizes what’s going on (99 Awareness for him), and attempts to go down before getting in the end zone.

It was awesome, what everyone who has ever watched a football game and played ‘Madden’ has always thought they should do. It was counteracting Belichick’s evil with pure awesome. I would have done the old ‘run along the goal line to waste time’ move, and if Bradshaw had pulled that off I would have immediately bought his jersey.

You might be thinking, ‘Wait, he didn’t actually go down before he got in the end zone.’ Which is true. But he still deserves credit for the attempt and ending up with the funniest touchdown in NFL history.


Gisele is a lot of things, and most of those things are super attractive. Her and Tom Brady make pretty much the most attractive couple of all time, something I don’t even feel awkward about saying. They’re that good looking.

But it’s time to face the facts. Gisele is the Yoko Ono of the NFL. Since marrying Tom Brady, he has lost two Super Bowls and missed most of a season. And Brady played super terrible in the Super Bowl. Anytime you start off with an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone for a safety, you know things aren’t going to be great. And he did very little to change that as the game went on. His throws were constantly behind receivers, including a deep ball to Gronk where he had the defense beat and would have had no one between him and the end zone.

Worse yet, video surfaced of Gisele calling out the Pats receivers for dropping so many passes, saying Brady couldn’t catch the balls he passed. The receivers didn’t help him out a ton, but Brady did very little to help them out either. Having the quarterback’s wife complain about the receivers would be just like Yoko blaming Ringo for ruining Abbey Road. Its pretty ridiculous and really the blame should be placed on the entire team, if not more on Brady than anyone else.

I’m not saying Brady should divorce Gisele immediately, but I wouldn’t complain either.


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