MAN CRUSH: Mariano Rivera VS. DOUCHE: Dylan McCue-Masone

Man Crush VS Douchebag

Man Crush of the Week: Mariano Rivera

man crush

With all respect to Matt Harvey and Yoenis Cespedes, the week belonged to Mariano Rivera.

All-Star games in every sport are incredibly flawed in an era where players are worth millions and can gain little from playing an exhibition (although THIS ONE COUNTS). And yet in baseball and really baseball alone, the All-Star Game is capable of making moments that transcend time in a way no other sport can.

It’s really a tough balace between now needing to win the game for the World Series, and to also have these moments that make the game so great. It’s been probably since Cal Ripken’s home run in his final All-Star Game that we’ve had anything like it. And perhaps there’s a couple reasons for that, maybe most likely is we haven’t had a player coming to the end of his career as universally loved since Ripken.

But then there’s Mariano Rivera. For a team hated more than any other in professional sports, not a single person can say anything bad about him. Even in Citi Field at the home of the rival Mets, the ovations for Rivera compared to David Wright’s. Simply put, very few players in the history of the game have been as good and as professional as Rivera. And unlike Ripken, Rivera is gong out at the peak of his game, well-deserving of the All-Star nod.

How to honor someone like Rivera is a difficult task for an event where something is expected of him. So naturally you bring out poor Neil Diamond to do a terrible version of “Sweet Caroline.” But then you play Rivera’s “Enter Sandman” intro music and just let the moment happen.

To make things better (and Fox did a tremendous job of hiding the amazing moment) none of the players joined Rivera on the field for his warm-ups besides his catcher. It was all Rivera. For one of the most humble men to play sports, it was the first time he had let the spotlight shine on him. He looked like he might have started crying on the mound, and for a player as stoic as Rivera, I thought I was going to start crying too.

For a night, before the steroid investigations continue, baseball was pure and great and everything it was suppose to be. I’ll always remember watching the game on my couch with my mom. I’ll tell grandkids about it. It was special and pure and all the things missing in today’s cynical world of sports.

Douchebag of the Week: Dylan McCue-Masone


I debated picking Dylan McCue-Masone for Douchebag of the Week since it just gives him attention which he so much craves.

But then I realized the more publicity this guy gets, the more of a chance he will never be given the chance to do anything actually meaningful in life. So I can justify it that way. Plus literally in a week I will have no idea who he was.

All of that feel-good stuff about Rivera? This is the complete opposite.

Basically this dude decided to tweet he would run on the field of the All-Star Game if he got 1,000 retweets. And because the internet is the Skull and Bones of the worst people in the world, he did. So he ran on the field. And gets thousands of followers and attention. For being an idiot. Keep that in mind, anyone who just Googled his name because they were thinking of hiring him for a real job/letting a family member marry him/selecting him for a jury.

After he wandered around on the field, he was tackled by security and escorted to jail. But I imagine for him he thinks it was all worth it with the new followers on Twitter and his name splashed across the country.

So good job, Dylan. You are now famous for being a very stupid 18-year old from Long Island who takes awful selfies. You’ll remember this moment all of your life and probably even tell grandkids about it. So enjoy it, because this was your defining moment assuming you don’t take to Twitter and try to get dares to do even stupider things.