Man Crush / Douchebag of the Week


I was debating the coolest athletes earlier this year with one of my friends. He said Derek Jeter. I said Tom Brady. And I think I’m right about this. Jeter is really stiff and almost awkward. Everything about Brady is cool. I would trade lives with Brady in a minute. He’s pretty much the perfect man. I’ll even forgive his man boots endorsement. And being super good at football is a huge plus too.

So it’s only natural that after Denver won, Tim Tebow would face off against Tom Brady again. The two are pretty much the complete opposite. Tebow is all about not being good and God and Brady is about being awesome and winning/marrying supermodels. I don’t think there was a single person who thought Denver really had a shot in this game. And Brady made sure of it.

All he did was go 26-34 for 363 yards and six touchdowns (five in the first half) which if you compare to Tebow’s 9-26 for 136 yards and no touchdowns it doesn’t quite stack up. And for good measure, Brady kicked a 48-yard punt on third down, which is just the icing on the awesome cake.

Brady finally did what no one else could do and put an end to this whole Tebow stuff. Elway is already giving his half-supportive statements about Tebow saying, ‘He’ll probably enter training camp as our starting quarterback, but do we ever hope we find someone better before the start of the season.’

With the Packers losing, the Patriots have to like their chances now. Another Super Bowl might cement Brady as the best quarterback ever.

But for now, being Man Crush of the Week isn’t a bad deal.



I’m not one to complain about officiating in any sport. It’s a part of the game and bad calls are going to happen.

But guys. This is the playoffs. Pretty much everyone is watching. In the Detroit/New Orleans game two weeks ago, the officials blew dead a touchdown for the Lions and then pretty much invented rules. This week Greg Jennings fumbled, the officials changed the call on the field like six times, looked at the video replay, and I’m about 99% sure they got it wrong.

Like I said, I’m cool with bad calls, especially in a play that happens so fast you aren’t sure when a knee hits the ground in relation to a ball coming out. That’s crazy hard. But the entire point of having instant replay is so you get these things right, like for sure. There shouldn’t be any guessing. To still blow the call after reviewing the play is pretty much inexcusable.

It turns out the NFL is trying to address this problem by hiring 10 full-time refs for next year. Which means that these guys doing the games are part-timers. You probably got your coffee from a ref at Starbucks before he had to run down to the stadium to ref the game. A little more consistency would go a long way for the NFL, even if it means giving 10 guys dental insurance.

Hopefully the refs won’t cost anyone a playoff game. Unless it’s Eli Manning, then it’s alright.


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