An Interview With the “Vagina Ain’t Handicapped” Girl

laura martinez

So, by now we trust you’ve seen the video. If you have, we don’t even need to explain the title of this post. If you’re still unsure of the reason for and a little creeped out by the title of this post, then you haven’t seen the video. Those feelings of being creeped out are about to get a lot worse.

That’s the kind of thing you watch and just aren’t immediately sure how to feel about it. We still aren’t completely sure. Luckily for us, Kevin Klein of TSJ and Playboy Morning Show fame had an opportunity to talk to the girl behind this video. Her name is Laura Martinez, and her vagina ain’t handicap. Check out the interview at the link below.

PBMS LauraMartinez VaginaAintHandicapped by Adam Tod Brown