Lame Tattoo Bets = Unicorns, Dicks, and Twinkies

IF I CAN’T EAT ALL THESE TWINKIES I’LL HAVE THEM DRAWN ON MY BODY, PERMA-STYLE, seems like a great idea when you’re drunk, or small-time famous, maybe, and talking big on the radio, bragging about how many Twinkies you can eat. Except then you’re the person with a Twinkie tattoo. Lame-O.

Check out these stories of folks settling up their bets and getting the tats they bragged they’d get when they were under the influence, or of otherwise unsound mind, and feel a little better about that Chinese symbol for ‘individual’ on your calf.

Twinkie guy.

The ultimate brand ambassador.

People will do anything for two grand.

Shaq pays up.

The team he hates ON HIS HEART.

That’s gotta hurt. The consolation: It’s a lot nicer than his other tattoos.

Irony is forever.

Now he can think about Tim Tebow EVERY DAY.

He’s got Bill Belichick on his back.

Girls are gonna ask him about the Bill thing, like if they dated or something.

Manning up.


The ultimate humiliation: A unicorn. The bronies are gonna love this guy.

Timeless elegance. 

His mom must be really proud of this.