Don’t Hate: Five Reasons Why It’s Okay to Like Lady Gaga

lady gaga

Fact: Don’t Hate is an incredibly difficult article to write. Sometimes, we find ourselves conflicted as to whether we even want to bother sticking up for the subject of the article (see: Nickelback). Other times, we know we’re going to be writing something that will likely alienate a good portion of our audience (see: LeBron James). And then, there’s the problem that the subject of today’s Don’t Hate feature, Lady Gaga, presents.

On the one hand, we’re pretty sure a sizable segment of the world absolutely despises Lady Gaga and everything she stands for. On the other hand, she’s easily one of the most popular entertainers in the world. As we write this, she’s got 31,872,513 fans on Facebook. That’s a damn lot. Is she really hated enough to even make writing this worth the effort? That’s the question.

In the end, we decided to go for it. As popular as she may be, we’re fairly certain a lot of you just don’t see what it is about her that makes the rest of the world so enamored by her. Today, we’ll attempt to get to the bottom of it. Here are five reasons why it’s okay to like Lady Gaga…

She’s Kind of Sexy

gaga sexy

We’ll admit it right off the bat, this is kind of a weak point. Paris Hilton is pretty sexy too, but you don’t see us writing a Don’t Hate article about her, right? (Note to self: Write Don’t Hate article about Paris Hilton.)

But the difference is Lady Gaga doesn’t really get any credit for being easy on the eyes, possibly because it’s not unusual to see her wearing shit like this:


Draping yourself in dozens of Kermit the Frog dolls is bound to turn off most anyone, no matter how you look underneath it all. But the fact remains, when she sheds the wacky costumes, and she does so quite frequently, she’s pretty goddamn sexy. Even more so now that she (allegedly) had that huge beak scaled down a bit.

nose job

And we’re at least 90% certain those rumors about her having a penis are completely false!

She Stands By Her Beliefs


There’s something to be said for integrity, especially among musicians who usually don’t hesitate to lend their names to any product or service that will put a little cash in their account. Now, we’re not saying Lady Gaga is the second coming of Neil Young, an artist who has yet to sell a single song for use in a commercial. She’s far from it. She litters her videos with so many product placements we imagine her house must be filled with hoarder-like amounts of free swag from corporate America. But she does at least have some standards.

After signing a major deal with Target to sell a limited edition version of her upcoming album exclusively in their stores, she backed out when it was revealed that Target made political donations to a Minnesota politician who opposes same sex marriage. You probably won’t be shocked to know that she has a gigantic following in the gay community. Working with Target would have been a slap in the face to those fans, so she canceled the deal. You have to respect that, right?

And hey, speaking of beliefs…

Meat Is Delicious

gaga meat dress

You like meat, don’t you? Well so does Lady Gaga! Hell, she probably likes it more than you do. Have you ever worn a meat dress? We didn’t think so. But Lady Gaga has. At a time when celebs are lining up in droves to fight the vegan fight, it’s comforting to see one who aligns with those of us who believe PETA actually means “People Eating Tasty Animals.”

And that dress is probably delicious on the grill!

She’s More Talented Than You Probably Think

gaga piano

With the sheer number of albums she sells, it was inevitable that Lady Gaga would be lumped in with that huge batch of modern “musicians” who just lend their good looks and dance moves to soulless pop tunes concocted by some team of hit makers while she does none of the actual work (Hello, Britney Spears!). But that’s an unfair criticism in her case.

Whether you actually enjoy her music is a whole other discussion, but she does actually write the music that she releases. She even put her music chops on display for all the world to see on Saturday Night Live.

At the 1:35 mark she sits at the piano and pounds out a solo version of “Bad Romance.” And she does it with a bunch of gigantic metal hula hoops around her damn head. Let’s see Madonna do that shit.

Oh, and about Madonna…

She Didn’t Invent Stealing


Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. “How can you call her talented when she’s a total plagiarist?” Maybe you weren’t thinking that exactly, but plenty of people likely are after the recent controversy over her latest single, “Born This Way.” To put it mildly, the song sounds a lot like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” We’re not denying that at all, but in the overall scheme of things, her offenses in the field of stealing people’s shit are pretty minor.

Some of the most legendary names in music have not only ripped off other artists, but some of them (George Harrison, Led Zeppelin) were successfully sued for their crimes. To use a more recent example, let’s look at this year’s Grammy award darlings, Lady Antebellum. While Lady Gaga is getting raked over the coals for releasing a song that sounds suspiciously similar to a Madonna song, Lady Antebellum are getting heaped with praise for doing the same thing to the Alan Parsons Project. Check it:

We’re just saying, if Lady Gaga has to fry for ripping off Madonna, there are plenty of people who should go down with her.