Lady Gag Gag’s Sexual Identity Crisis

Lady Gag Gag Sex DollThe newest celebrity sex doll to hit the market clearly had some very enthusiastic copywriters assigned to its sales team. They left no stone unturned in their endeavor to capitalize on every conceivable aspect of the pop star who served as their inspiration. Lady Gag Gag, the latest in Pipedream’s line of star-themed sex dolls (their other creations include such jems as J-Ho and Tori Beverly Thrills 9021HO), purports to love it when you Poke Her Face. Yuk yuk yuk yuk. And the sexual innuendo-drenched plays on Lady Gaga’s hit songs only continue relentlessly from there. According to her packaging, Lady Gag Gag is a Paparazzi princess who will “suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance” and, since she’s inflatable, you can happily avoid the drama of a Bad Romance. They even close out this deluge of cringe-worthy double entendres with “Ra  ra oh la la,” which proves how truly committed they were to referencing all things Gaga.

Unfortunately their zeal for tapping into Gaga material got the best of them in the end. Gag Gag is touted as a Paparazzi princess who “wants her three love holes filled” but is then described as a “deep-throat drag queen” and a “whore packing something more” in almost the same breath. Holy mixed messages Batman! So, oh-so-witty copywriters over there at Pipedream, while we appreciate your enthusiasm and your nod to the widespread transvestite jokes about the real Gaga, these claims leave us scratching our heads. Is Gag Gag a man-lady blowup doll, or just the standard va-jay-jay-sporting model?