Kevin Durant vs. Boxing Judges


Kevin Durant is an interesting person. He’s clearly a star in the world of sports, but we don’t really know anything about him. He’s oddly boring, unlike his teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden, even going as far as concealing his ridiculous hidden tattoo collection to make him as uninteresting as possible. He doesn’t seem like an assassin like Kobe or an ass like LeBron. He just gets shit done.

Often he’ll let Westbrook jack up ridiculous shots while he watches, and yet always seems to lead the league in scoring. But it’s not like he disappears ever. He’s a machine.

But when he needs to push things into an extra gear, he can do that too, putting up 17 points in the fourth quarter as the Thunder came back to take Game one over the Heat. He seems completely unaffected by pressure, unlike some other players. The Thunder needed Durant, so Durant got all Duranty and scored a bunch of points. Exactly what you want in a superstar.

Somehow his boringness makes him so appealing. You almost take for granted how good he is. You never wonder if he’s going to show up late in the game. His weird tattoos is sort of the perfect way to look at him, as just a regular dude hiding his crazy talents. But they’re always there.

And if Durant can lead the Thunder to a title this year, he will be given permanent Man Crush status.



I admittedly don’t like Manny Pacquiao. I mean, this pretty much sums it up for me. Throw in his hair and goatee and I just find him super unlikable (although he does sort of look like he could be in kung fu movies so bonus points for that).

But I respect greatness. And dislike very much when greatness is pretty blatantly wronged (except in the case of one LeBron Raymone James). Pacquiao was undefeated going into the fight.

So when Pacquiao faced Tim Bradley on Sunday and clearly dominated the entire time and still somehow managed to lose, something was clearly wrong. I’m not saying that boxing is rigged. But it’s definitely a little fishy. And whenever humans have to make a judgment on something, humans generally are prone to messing up.

Thankfully Sen. Harry Reid is on the case and trying to get Nevada to investigate the decision, since there’s nothing else wrong with the country.

The biggest concern here is that professional boxing has lost a ton of relevance as far as sports go. With Floyd Mayweather in jail and possibly not returning to fighting, Pacquaio is the only guy left who the average fan knows. With the way Twitter reacted after the fight, people still clearly care, at least about him. But how much longer will that hold up if boxing becomes pro wrestling?

But Drake took matters into his own hands and beat up Chris Brown over Rihana (I’m starting to think she might not be a virgin). To be honest, wouldn’t you rather watch rapper fights than boxing anyways?


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