Viral Outbreak: Kenny Powers at His Best for K-Swiss

kenny powers

If you know anything about what’s funny on television right now, then you know the name Kenny Powers. For those unfamiliar, Kenny Powers is the sometimes corn-rowed, drug-vacuuming former major league superstar pitcher hoping to make a comeback on HBO’s insanely hilarious Eastbound and Down. The character is played by the consistently hilarious Danny McBride, who takes up the Kenny Powers persona again for this new ad campaign from K-Swiss.

If you’re thinking that you’ll just skip watching this video in favor of catching the commercial on television sometime instead, you might want to rethink that. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kenny Powers/K-Swiss television spot at some point, but it most definitely won’t be this video. Why? Because this video is profane as all hell. Seriously, don’t watch it without headphones if you’re at work. Kenny is working for K-Swiss, but he’s still working blue.

Check out the entire Kenny Powers campaign for K-Swiss below, it’s almost five minutes long, which we understand is an eternity in Internet time, but trust us, it’s worth watching.