Just a Gigolo

Adopt a GuySure, it might sound like the punchline to some hacky joke about Angelina Jolie, but the new dating website Adopt A Guy is, apparently, the real deal.

Women can browse the online catalog–men are divvied up into categories like rocker, metrosexual, goth and corporate–and “Add to Cart” any piece of man meat that catches their eye, the men bought and sold like so many Amazon.com playthings.

The sign-up form opens with the refreshingly blunt, “I am…


and men are encouraged to peruse the site’s roles of “Customers to Please.” It’s unclear if getting adopted earns you the right to free room, board, sex and health insurance, but there’s always one way to find out.

We’d probably register indignation were it not for the fact that some of the women on the site actually look pretty damn hot. And hell, we always had a thing for the movie American Gigolo.