Viral Outbreak: What the Hell, Japan?!?!


You might have noticed that from time to time, we post bizarre news stories under the tag “Today In Crazy.” If you follow the daily weirdness that emanates from the internet, then you already know that we could just as easily change that title to “Today In Japan” without losing a bit of crazy at all.

Awhile back, we posted video of some bizarre Japanese game show that decided dressing an impressionable young girl up as a baby seal and sending her to a polar bear enclosure would be good times. We’re sad to report that the lunacy in that video doesn’t even come close to what’s going on in the horror show you’re about to see.

Girlwatcher regularly discusses some of the more insane aspects of Japanese porn in his Wednesday Wasabi features, but we don’t recall any mentions of egg yolk swapping erotica. But it’s a real thing, apparently. We certainly wish it wasn’t, but it is. Check out the video below. Maybe have something you can vomit into on hand before you click the play button, though.

We suppose it’s safe for work. There aren’t any exposed breasts or suggestive thrusts or anything. But you still might want to make sure no coworkers are around when you watch it. It’s safe to say anyone who actually sees you watching this will peg you as the office pervert for a long time afterwards.