It’s Not Good to Sleep with Random Strangers You Just Met Online

online datingToday’s Totally-Obvious-Scientific-Study award goes to the folks over at the Social Science Research Journal for their revealing analysis of the online dating world. After doing some comprehensive research, they concluded that online dating works best when taken slowly.

That’s right—it turns out it’s not a good idea to jump into bed with some random person with whom you have exchanged just a few e-mails and instant message conversations. And to think that all this time we’ve just assumed that every man and woman using the Internet to meet someone is a well-adjusted, honest, completely normal individual who’s just hoping to find their soul mate. We feel so deceived. According to these Social Science whiz kids, the most successful online dating relationships occur when the two involved parties take the time to get to know each other. They also note that getting to know the person you’re planning to sleep with on a regular basis is also advisable for couples that engage in plain, old “offline” dating.

So it looks like we all owe these scientists a debt of gratitude for discovering this valuable information: It’s not a good idea to sleep with people you don’t know very well. Thanks, scientists. We really dodged a bullet there.