Infographic: Hey! Is for Horse Meat


WOULD YOU EAT A SHARK? Would you eat an alligator? Would you slurp North Korean dog soup like some people I know? Would you eat an Ikea horse meatball if your life was hanging on the line? These are all important questions, and you’ve gotta weigh the pros and cons. 

Consider the horsey:

Pro: If you’re as hungry as a horse than maybe you should eat hay? I mean what do I know. I think horses eat hay. Maybe oats. So, like oatmeal? I love me some oatmeal.

Con: If you’re so hungry you could eat a horse maybe you need to think about how you’ve been starving and binging on giant animals and how that’s probably not so healthy in the long run? I’m just looking out for you. Srsly.

Where do you carnivores draw the line? Is a horse too cute to eat? Too smart? Too Black Beauty? Too Atreu’s buddy? Too big to get your face around? What I’m trying to say is WOULD YOU EAT HORSE MEAT ON PURPOSE? Would you sidle up to your butcher and say, gimme some of that prize-winning horsey, slather it in a sandwich with mustard and pickles? 

Giddy up. Here’s an infographic.

All the Tasty Horses?
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