Indianapolis Residents Flabbergasted by the Word “Sex”

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A minor furor has erupted in Indianapolis after a group called The Blended Church placed billboards at five locations throughout the city. Before we take a look at the inflammatory billboard, let’s check out some comments from residents about the issue:

“My kids are pointing. I don’t want to see that when I’m driving. I just don’t. That’s a little bit too much.”

“I think that’s a little explicit to be on a billboard out here for children to see. It’s a little much.”

Alright, sounds pretty racy! What could possibly be on this controversial billboard? A vibrator? Boobs? Stills from the famous “2-Girls-1-Cup” video?

Nope, it’s none of that. It’s just this…


Wait, so that’s it? A sullen looking middle aged couple and a website address? No titties? No sex toys? None of that? There’s more sex than this in most Wal-Mart commercials.

Apparently, all it takes to whip the residents of Indianapolis into a frenzy is the word “sex.” If you’re curious, points to a site that espouses the joys of sex…within a committed marriage. Scandalous!

Check out this news report if you’re dying for more information about this shocking story: