Bargument: I Dream of Jeannie vs. Bewitched

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With unemployment at a near all-time high, chances are many of us are getting reacquainted with daytime TV… which also means limited basic cable. In fact, you wouldn’t even have THAT if you could get a decent signal. Sigh.

Since most of our dear readers have what is commonly called a penis, it’s highly likely are you’re skipping the soaps and tuning in somewhere to back-to-back reruns from the friggin’ 60s. And, just like the oatmeal you now can barely afford, you’ve found a new appreciation for the simpler stuff that’s always been there.

And now for our Bargument: Who’s more bankably hot? Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha from Bewitched? Far from ordinary oatmeal, these two lovelies were the cream of wheat in their day.