The Five Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

nikon mainIn our continuing effort to bring you the sexiest of sexy, The Smoking Jacket has launched a new feature, The Week in Sexy Advertising. It’s written by Steve Hall who publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point.

We won’t discuss the business of advertising much because, well, that’s just boring. But we will bring you a weekly round up advertising’s best eye candy.

Newsflash! Two Big Breasted Cheerleaders Catfight in Locker Room

You know you’ve got a winning YouTube video campaign when you have guys leaving comments like, “I want to see her doing you from behind” and “I confess I just busted a nut.” And so was the travails of Amy, the big breasted cheerleader for The Comebacks who has recruited her near equally big breasted friend, Cindy, to help call attention to the movie by having…a locker room catfight. Maybe it’s just us but we have a feeling this video promotion is going to be far more popular than the movie itself. (It was.)

This is Not the Raciest Commercial Ever Made

LifeStyles: SKYN Revolution by hourigan

When a press release screams, “quite possibly the raciest commercial ever made,” our interest is peaked. Sadly, this Lifestyles Skyn Condoms commercial is nowhere near the raciest commercial ever made, online or off. But don’t stop reading. The commercial’s got all kinds of sexual gyrations, racy shots of barely dressed hotties and a condom fairy but it’s really not “the raciest commercial ever made.” Seriously.

How racy can a commercial featuring people having sex be if the people having sex are still wearing their underwear? Hmm. Actually, hot chicks in panties can, indeed, be quite racy.

Olympus Aids Breast-Obsessed Men


This one’s a classic. Every once in a while you find yourself in a situation where an incredibly hot chick leans over to pick something up or to adjust her shoe strap thereby exposing her pulchritudinous cleavage. And when this happens you, of course, can’t help but stare at the mounds of flesh escaping from her low cut top. In this situation, you have two choices.

Allow her to catch you staring and possibly label you perverte or grab your fast-focusing Olympus camera and snap a shot that will give you much longer lasting pleasure than a two second stare.

CPR Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

If CPR were demonstrated the way Fornight Lingerie does in this video, we might actually have remembered the details. No wait, we wouldn’t have remembered anything at all. Except for life long memories of ultra hot, lingerie-clad beauties seductively demonstrating the gentle nature of administering the life saving technique.

Of course, after viewing this demo, an entirely different form of compression will be on your mind.

Beach Volleyball Hotties Gyrate in Slow Motion For Club Seat

We don’t ask much of you here at The Smoking Jacket. Just to enjoy the finer things in life and, every couple of weeks, some of the sexiest advertising out there. Here we have the tantalizing gyrations of a bevy of bathing suit-clad hotties dancing in slow motion across a beach volleyball court to pimp Club Seat. Club Seat is a promotional entity of Volkswagen Group UK which hosts special events around the globe. The Beach Volleyball Grand Slam Gstaad is one such event.