Five Hobbies That Girls Actually Dig


It’s not hard to see why men get into hobbies like softball: they generate some nice endorphin rushes, give you a built-in group of people to go to bars with, and appease the aching sorrow that comes from learning that you’ll never make it in the major leagues. Unfortunately, something that’s often viewed as a wimpier form of baseball (from what we hear; we’re not here to judge) probably won’t help you win over the ladies.

Like it or not, women are simply predisposed towards finding some hobbies more attractive than others. We’re not saying that you should give up activities that you enjoy just to impress members of the opposite sex, but if you’re looking to score off of the playing field, you might just want to throw one of the following into the mix.

Motorcycle Riding


One of the fastest ways to lure in women looking for a good time is to get yourself a bike. And we don’t mean the kind that requires shorts so tight that they restrict blood flow to important parts of your anatomy; we’re talking about the ones that purportedly make women tingle in special places when you open the throttle. Sure, riding a motorcycle is one of the more dangerous ways you can choose to get around, but the upside is that women love men who aren’t afraid of a bit of danger. Just remember that there’s very little standing between successfully seducing women and ending up as a pancake on the highway (hint: part of that “very little” is wearing a helmet). If you do decide to go this route, consider taking lessons; 92% of riders involved in accidents taught themselves, or were taught by a family member or friend.

Recreational Soccer


Recreational sports can be iffy in the attraction department. On the one hand, they’ll turn you from a flabby, lazy couch potato into a hardened ball of steely muscles – or at least a slightly less flabby and less lazy couch potato who owns cleats. On the other hand, not all girls are into sports, and they won’t necessarily want to sit around and listen to you talk about your hobby ad nauseum. As long as you can learn to keep most of the details of this activity to yourself (unless she asks), you’ll ensure that your dates will be able to enjoy the benefits of your physical prowess without having to know what “offside” means. One caveat: if you plan on inviting her to a game, make sure that you’re impressive to watch. No girl wants to see her man get out-run by insolent teenagers and old men who spend way too much time working out.

Playing In a Band


It’s time to dust off that guitar that you’ve been “learning how to play” for the past ten years and, you know, actually learn how to play it. We’re not sure what the evolutionary basis is for it, but women love men who play instruments in bands. Maybe it has something to do with seeing men exhibit their sensitive and creative sides. Or maybe it’s just the hope that someone will get sweaty and take his shirt off. Regardless, the type of music you choose to play will determine the type of women you end up attracting. Rocking out will give you access to a different crowd than will joining a marching band, brushing up on your polka, or getting involved with anything that has the word “mariachi” in it. Before you ask, playing video game instruments absolutely does not count.

Shooting Pool


Bars have changed a lot in recent years. They’re no longer the smoke-filled, sticky-floored dens of iniquity and moral laxness that they once were. Some of the changes have come about in an attempt to broaden their appeal to members of the fairer sex; others are, you know, meant to stop people from getting cancer against their will. Although women will probably never admit it, they sometimes have a yearning for those darker, dive-ier days, and the alpha males they imagine populated them. That’s why it’s good for you that they’ve yet to abolish the hallowed pool table. Playing pool with style and grace is a great way to evoke those bygone days. It’s also a great way to break the ice, especially if you throw in a little friendly betting that has the chance to result in free drinks – or the removal of articles of clothing.

Working on Cars


Cars are tricky things, and unfortunately for those of us who haven’t spent years taking them apart and (hopefully) putting them back together again, we have to deal with them whether we want to or not. Because of this, a person with any sort of advanced knowledge about how to procure, maintain, fix and sell vehicles can be a godsend to us lesser mortals. Not to mention the fact that someone who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty is always sexy. As an added benefit, the number of pickup lines littered with double-entendres that you can come up with involving oil, lube and pistons is virtually endless. What woman could possibly resist you telling her she runs so smoothly, you just can’t wait to get a peek under her hood?