Viral Outbreak: Herman Cain Turns “Imagine” Into a Song About Pizza


Prepare to be infuriated. At least, if you have any appreciation for a classic song you should be infuriated.

This is a video of Herman Cain singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. Please understand, this isn’t awful because it’s Herman Cain. Obama could perform this song as a duet with the magically resurrected body of John Lennon and it would still be awful. At least that would be the case if the duo were performing Herman Cain’s interpretation of the song.

You see, it’s not awful because Herman Cain is a Republican. It’s awful because he changes the lyrics so as to make them all pertain to pizza. You don’t do that to a John Lennon song. Ever. Herman Cain shouldn’t be elected as our next president, he should be charged with treason.

Check this horseshit out…