Five Great Moments in Glenn Beck Crying On Air

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We’ve reached the end of an era, folks. Glenn Beck, Fox News personality and potential crazy person, is leaving the “fair and balanced” network. Rumors are flying that Fox News is far from unhappy with the turn of events. Fox News chief Roger Ailes had this to say about the departure…

”That story of what’s going on and why America is in trouble today, I think he told that story as well as could be told. Whether you can just keep telling that story or not … we’re not so sure.”

In light of the shocking development, we’re dedicating today’s edition of Weird Wide Web to Glenn Beck. Here are five great moments in Glenn Beck crying like a girl on air. Well, four moments, with a bonus fifth that makes us think it’s all a sham thrown in at the end.

So long, Beck, you’ll be missed (by crazy people).

I’m Turning Into a Televangelist!

Hold up one damn minute. Forward to right around the 2:00 mark. Did he just imply that Chuck Norris isn’t a real hero? Has this guy never seen an 80′s movie?

Anyway, the crying here is pretty constant throughout, but he comes closest to losing it right around 3:30 mark. Good times.

Mexico Is Going to Collapse!

Glenn Beck weeping for Mexico? Hello, irony!

Okay, fine, he doesn’t really weep for Mexico. But right around the 4:00 mark, he does get teary eyed over a woman who went missing right near the Mexican border.

Glenn Beck is No Embezzler

We’d be totally pissed too if we asked for donations and some smart ass sent us eight pennies.

The Crying Game

A ridiculously appropriate mashup if we’ve ever seen one. Glenn Beck’s crying antics paired with the theme to the movie The Crying Game.

Is It All a Fraud?

Could it be? Are we being hornswaggled by Glenn Beck’s waterworks? This video seems to imply just that. Here, he uses Vicks under his eyes to bring on the tears. Being that it’s just a photoshoot, there’s nothing immediately damning there. But at one point, while trying to fan the Vicks vapor into his eyes, he says “I think my eyes are just getting used to it.” That would lead one to believe that the Vicks tactic is one he employs pretty frequently.

Imagine that.