Girls on Girls: Tales of the Best Romps Ever

Cuddling, romantic words and tender caresses have their place in bed, but they rarely play the central role in the creation of intense, mind-numbing orgasms. At least that’s what we found when we asked young women to describe the best sex they ever had. Based on our sampling, spur-of-the-moment lust is where it’s at.

Roadside Assistance

One summer on a road trip, my boyfriend suggested we pull over and just do it out in the open. It was a warm, beautiful, sunny day and I was game. We took a random exit, drove about half a mile and then turned down a winding gravel road to the middle of several expansive fields that appeared to be private farm property. We could still see the main highway and hear the cars. I got out, took off my jeans and laid back on the hood of his car, and we had sex in the middle of this open field. It was really exciting because we weren’t sure if someone could see us, and we felt like another car or person was going to surprise us at any moment. Our extreme exposure and the risky scenario made for some very, very good sex.

Jennifer; 34; Architect; Washington D.C.

Movie Night

The best sex I ever had was when my boyfriend and I first discovered how fun it is to watch porn together. We were watching a movie with a hot and heavy sex scene and he joked that it was making him horny. I said it was making me horny too (which kind of surprised him), and then I asked him if he wanted to watch a porn. He was totally down, so we broke out his laptop and watched a few videos. It didn’t take long for both of us to get so aroused that we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We had sex right there on his desk chair, with the porn going on in the background. It took all of about one minute for both him and me to come because we were already so turned on. We still watch porn together regularly because it gets us both worked up and ready to get it on in no time flat. It always guarantees blissful orgasms for both of us.

Vivian; 29; Lawyer; Los Angeles

Animal Instincts

I’d been dating my current boyfriend for a while and our sex life was good, but one night we got drunk, started fooling around and talking dirty and ended up accidentally kicking things up a notch. I can’t remember who started it. He may have called me a “naughty little slut” or I might have called myself one, but we both ran with it. Because we were wasted, we were very free with our words and completely uninhibited, and the dialogue got us both extremely turned on. We were saying really wild, nasty stuff, talking out loud about sexual fantasies and scenarios, and everything got unbelievably animalistic and primal. He was spanking my ass and calling me all kinds of names, and I absolutely loved it! I got totally lost in pleasure and had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. We continue to throw in the occasional round of kinky, dirty sex to this day and it has really kept things hot.

Christi; 31; Nurse; Austin, Texas

Ticket to Ride

I was about 24, traveling in a train’s dining car, and this guy sat down by me. We started talking during dinner, drank wine and flirted a lot. Somehow we made our way to the lavatory on the train, where we had ridiculously hot sex. It was so spontaneous and presumptuous. It was hotter because we had to be very quiet which only added to the excitement. The sex was fantastic—passionate, sweaty and sticky (it was July after all). When it was over, we just returned to our seats. I still have no idea where or when he got off the train.

—Dana, 35, Web Designer, Chicago

The Skater Boy

During my junior year of college, I worked with this blue-eyed, soft-spoken skater kid. He always smelled really good and we would flirt throughout our work shifts. One night I called him and pretended to be too drunk to drive home from a bar. He picked me up and took me back to his place and he started ripping off my clothes before we even made it to the living room. We were already so comfortable with each other, and we were so intoxicated with built-up sexual desire that we just couldn’t resist each other any longer. Unable to pry our hands from one another, we eventually made our way to the bedroom. The way he kissed me on the lips and everywhere else on my body melted me more than any orgasm I’ve ever experienced. The few hours with him have yet to be topped, and to this day, he is the best I’ve ever had.

—Kara; 26; Graphic Designer; Columbia, South Carolina

A for Excellence

The best orgasm and most intense sex I ever had was with a professor in college. We ended up in bed together as soon as the semester had ended and the kinky teacher-student relationship really brought out the dirty talk. The sex was so raucous and good that we ended up moving the bed over a foot away from the wall.

Caroline; 26; Production Assistant; Miami