Nine Great Videos of Girls Failing to Remain Upright


Sometimes, girls fall down. Technically, this is not funny. In reality, well, we feel these videos featuring women falling, spilling, failing, crashing and faceplanting can be illuminating. After all, every woman who falls down has a story to tell, a lesson to learn, an epic to fail.

From across the videosphere, these are the best videos of women not succeeding at staying upright.

Watch Yo Cupid Shuffle

When rapper Cupid directed “Cupid Shuffle” dancers “to the left, to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right, to the right,” he left out the line, “to the left — WAIT, NOT THAT FAR TO THE LEFT.”

Kitchen Faceplant Girl

The moral of this story? Playing jump rope with an oven mitt is never, ever a good idea. Hey, while you’re down there, what’s that tile taste like?

Having a Blonde Moment

She calls it “courage.” We call riding down the stairs in a plastic bin unwise. Too bad the pillow wasn’t there for you. Let’s try this one again!

Stripper Pole Tragedy

Here’s the thing. There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t watched a stripper working a pole and thought, “I can do that.” Here’s the reality. No you can’t.

Take this stripper, for example. She rides the pole like a real trooper, yet the stripper pole fails her in the end. This is why you don’t buy stripper poles off late-night infomercials.

Oh, Say Can You See Me Assplant?

Girl sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” at hockey game. Girl forgets words. Girl walks off ice. Girl returns. Girl lands on ass.

Bikini Contest Slip

Bikini contest? Check. Hot girl? Check. Hot girl in bikini faceplant? Check. We’ll give her an extra point for the high-five.

Girl Gets Nexted

You know, honey, if you go on a show called “Next,” and you fall off the bus on the way to meet your date, you pretty much have to expect to be nexted.

Best Actress in the Category of Insane

This one’s a classic, really, in the category of women taking a tumble. A woman thinks all is well as she crushes the grapes between her toes. Unfortunately, terror awaits. Abruptly, she leaves the safe confines of the barrel to rediscover the hard earth.

The soundtrack won an Academy Award.

Don’t Text and Walk

Not only did Cathy Cruz Marrero successfully take a dive into a mall fountain while texting on her phone, she subsequently sued the Pennsylvania mall because, she claimed, security guards didn’t help her. Instead, they laughed.

We would never laugh at this video.