Girls are Hot for Good & Plenty and Cucumbers

good n' plentyUsually we are the ones being told, “I can’t believe you do that for your job,” but today the book Secrets from the Sex Lab reminded us that there are people out there doing far weirder things at work than us. In her wonderfully titled book, author Judy Dutton reveals some very wacky and random trivia gathered by scientists during studies on various aspects of human sexuality.

For example, in one research project, scientists hooked up devices that measure blood flow to the genitals of the study participants and then waved various smells under the noses of these participants while recording the level of blood flow sparked by each item. It turns out that pumpkin pie mixed with lavendar is the big winner for guys—blood flow to the penis increased by a whopping 40 percent with that combo. We can only assume this means that guys subconsciously want a woman that can cook and who smells girlie. Women on the other hand preferred the rather bizarre combination of Good n’ Plenty candy and cucumber. This mix caused a 14 percent increase in blood flow to the vagina. That’s right—one of the most outdated and least popular candies on the market gets women all reved up in their nether-regions. Who knew? Still, you have to admit there is something sexually suggestive about the combination of a candy called “Good & Plenty” and a cucumber, which is incredibly phallic. Forget about the sniff test and consider the possibility that maybe women are trying to tell us that size matters after all.

And scent preferences aside, we’d like to get back to our original point, which is that there are people out there—real, live scientists, no less—whose job required them to go into work everyday, strap blood flow devices to the genitals of men and women, wave unusual smells in their direction and then measure how aroused each man and woman got. But hey, we’re not complaining. Not only does it give us something to write about, but we now know to keep our kitchens stocked with boxes of Good & Plenty and tons of cucumbers. Keep up the good work scientists!