Viral Outbreak: The 30 Greatest Name Fails in College Football History


Hey, did you notice that this is the second college football related post of the still young day? Well, there’s a reason for that. All week long, we’ll be posting some great college football related stuff along with all of the usual things that you come to The Smoking Jacket for (the articles, obviously).

With the college season finally kicking off this week, this is the perfect time to reflect on all of the great (and no so great) aspects of the only game in town that’s yet to be sullied by overpaid athletes (wink, wink). It’s also a great time to remind you that, in conjunction with the Maxwell Football Club, we’re giving one lucky reader an all-expenses paid trip to Atlantic City, where you’ll get to attend the Maxwell Football Awards Gala. Everyone who is anyone in not only college football, but also the NFL (Ron Jaworski is the President of the club!), will be there. If you’ve ever wanted to snap a photo with Michael Vick or kick Jay Cutler in the knee to see if he cries, you can likely do it at the Maxwell Awards. Click here to find out how to win.

And now, in keeping with the thrills and spills of college football week, here is a hilarious video covering the greatest name fails in college football history…

To find out how to enter our “100 Reasons Why Life Was Better In College” contest and win a trip to the Maxwell Awards, click here. Looking for more college football fun? Click on over to this morning’s lead article, 5 Petty Acts that Somehow Violated NCAA Rules.