Smoking Poll: Who Is Doing Eric Clapton’s Laundry?


The title of today’s Smoking Poll might seem like it’s a bit on the trivial side. You’re probably wondering why you should even care about Eric Clapton’s laundry. But you won’t wonder that once you find out that it’s… EVIL!

Recently, TMZ ran a story that featured candid video of Eric Clapton doing his own laundry at a coin operated laundromat. While most people would blow that off as nothing more than the typical inconsequential celebrity stalking that TMZ fills in the blanks with when they aren’t blowing the lid off of actual scandals and news stories, one citizen of the internet saw it for what it really was.

In a three minute rant, YouTube user OccultScience101 exposes the real truth. Apparently, it’s not Clapton doing his laundry, but rather an impostor and/or robot. Furthermore, the real purpose behind the story is to signal an unidentified person that they are to “proceed with the next step in the plan.” That might sound insane, but trust us, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Watch the entire video to fully grasp the craziness at work here. And then vote in the poll at the end of the page to help us figure out the truth.