Dick Flash: Where Perverts Go to Learn

subway_flash_reactionDick Flash. No, we’re not talking about a porn star, and no, we didn’t come up with another funny moniker for Chatroulette. Dick Flash is actually a very special, very pervy site all its own—the go-to spot for people who are disturbingly serious about flashing and exhibtionism. Whether you are looking for tips on how to expose yourself on the subway while simultaneously snapping a cell phone pic of your victim’s stunned face, or you simply need advice on how to deal with police, Dick Flash’s extensive discussion board has got you covered…. or, uncovered, as the case may be.

The Dick Flashers are a passionate and prolific bunch, writing countless posts about the trials and tribulations of exposing oneself to unsuspecting women and men in public venues. It turns out there is actually some strategy to whipping out your gentials for shock value (unless you’re just some drunk college student streaking across the quad), which is why amateurs come to Dick Flash for advice. Not surprisingly, the seasoned veterans are happy to share their sordid war stories.

For example, one frustrated novice writes:

“I’ve been trying to get a flash going for the past two days now, but NOTHING.. I really wanna be caught in action, so I decided that my local Shop Rite parking lot (strip mall) was the best place to park.. Well, I literally sit there for about an hr or so, and once again, get NOTHING.. I mean people pass by, but hardly even look into the car..”

Fellow board members quickly warned this young flashing Padawan not to expose himself while seated in his car, as he runs the risk of getting his license plate being taken down by someone. Those who have been in the game for years know that public transportation is the preferred venue. According to the pros, successful flashing comes with patience and practice—and by “successful” they mean that: You expose your junk, get a reaction out of your intended audience, and then get away without getting busted by any authorities. Whether the reaction is disgust, amusement, suprise or lust doesn’t really seem to matter. Getting noticed is what gets flashers off.

There is even an entire thread devoted to the topic of flashing when you are not well endowed.

“I love showing my little penis off. It gets plenty of laughs. Does anyone have any stories to share?”

“Know what you mean….Gets plenty of recognition. Laughs, giggles, even the humilation is great!”

Like we said, it doesn’t matter what the reaction is, as long as there is one.

One poster shares his tried and true personal dogma on flashing:

Rule 1: Never flash with perversion in mind its just a fantasy
Rule 2: Never scare other while u flash
Rule 3: No sex only flash
Rule 4: While flashing make ur viewer to enjoy it rather annoyed
Rule 5: Plan reharse and flash

As sweet and considerate as this guy is, we’re more inclined to apply the rules of Fight Club:

The first rule of flashing is, you do not talk about flashing.

The second rule of flashing is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FLASHING.