Viral Outbreak: We Probably Would Have Laughed Too


Being a police officer can’t be easy. You never know when the call you respond to is going to be the one that ends with a tweaked out meth head pointing an AK-47 in your direction. That has to be stressful.

So we’re going to go ahead and give this officer a pass for what happens in this video. Sure, it’s rude. It’s definitely unprofessional. We would be more than a little upset if it happened to us. But at the same time, who are we to say we wouldn’t react in the exact same way?

So what does happen in this video? A giggle, that’s what. During a traffic stop of some sort (the sort that involves pulling a gun, apparently) the suspect is asked to lift his shirt and turn around. When he does…the laughter ensues. Like we said, it’s kind of rude, but the only reason we’re even questioning if this is something to laugh about is because it’s a fat guy with a gun pointed at him as opposed to a fat guy falling off a table while lip syncing a Justin Bieber song or something. Don’t even bother trying to convince yourself otherwise, Internet.