Condoms for a Cause

One Condom Box That’s right—more crazy condoms! Rubbers are getting fancier every day, but so far, One condoms have our vote for Coolest.Condoms.Ever. In this day and age, marketing and design count for a lot, and One is utilizing both in all the right ways. Their condoms are packaged in sleek, stylish metal tins emblazoned with fun artwork, some of which is customer-generated. In fact, creative types are encouraged to submit their designs on the One website (which incidentally, is also very hip). Best of all, every time you use a One condom when you get down and dirty, you can feel really good about yourself because a portion of each purchase goes toward HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts. And who knows? You might increase your chances of getting lucky if you point out that you’re doing it in support of a worthwhile cause. Hey—every little bit helps. These bad boys are available at Target and online.