Nine Entertaining Videos of Angry Coaches Losing Their Minds

notre dame brian kelly

Being a coach isn’t easy. The players never do what you say, the fans throw drinks at your head if you lose, and the owners think you’re their pet monkeys. It’s no wonder then, with all that pressure, that coaches sometimes feel the need to let go.

Some go on after-game benders. Others scream expletives at the top of their lungs during live telecasts. A few have been known to throw furniture onto the court. And let’s not forgot those coaches who are happy to throw a punch or two, especially at a referee.

Here are our nine favorite videos of coaches blowing their tops…

Woody Gets Punchy

Way back in 1978, Ohio State University coach Woody Hayes pioneered the art of crazy coaching. Behind two points with two minutes left at the Gator Bowl, Clemson’s Charlie Bauman intercepted the ball with the Buckeyes in field goal range. For this, Hayes punched Bauman in the throat. A melee ensued. Hayes was fired not long after.

Big Boys Cry

In 2005, Nick Saban was coach of the Miami Dolphins. During practice “The Nicktator” decided defensive tackle Manuel Wright wasn’t getting the point. Saban suggested Wright use his head for something other than ramming it into someone else’s head. Overwhelmed by the prospect of having to think his way through a play and heartbroken by the tongue-lashing from Saban, Wright wandered off the field wiping his tears away with his jersey.

Bo Berates Player

The University of Nebraska’s Cornhuskers look to coach Bo Pelini for inspiration, and Bo likes that. It makes him feel like the kids really listen to him. Of course, fail to listen to Bo, and, well, you might get an earful. Does it look like Bo is mad in this clip? It’s hard to say. But if we asked quarterback Taylor Martinez what they were discussing, we’re going to bet whatever it was, Bo was pretty pissed about it. You can tell Bo’s mad when his spit lands in your mouth.

Mangino Is Mad

Former Kansas Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino is like a cross between Tony Soprano and that 800-pound alligator they caught in Florida. Here, Raimond Pendleton makes the mistake of finishing off a 77-yard punt return with a dramatic dive into the end zone. For this, Pendleton was flagged, but that didn’t compare to the tirade Mangino unleased on the sophomore. “Look what the fuck you did!” Mangino hollers into Pendleton’s face. “You just take it, you know?” Pendleton told a reporter later of the incident. “I won’t let it happen again.” At least Mangino didn’t sit on him.

Holy Hollering Coaches

You’d think with a name like Holy Family University, coaches would at least try to act saintly. Not so, as seen in this videotape of men’s basketball coach John O’Connor, who hauls off and hits a player who he thought didn’t man up during practice. After knocking player Matt Kravchuck on his ass, O’Connor half-kicks the bleeding kid on the floor and yells, “Get up!” A few minutes later, O’Connor tells Kravchuck, “Got a little fucking blood on ya? Good!” O’Connor resigned after the incident (for reasons still unbeknownst to us) turned into a media circus.

Brian Kelly Acts Crazy

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly takes that line about the fighting Irish literally. After an interception during a home game against South Florida, Kelly has a little chat with receiver TJ Jones regarding the matter at hand. Kelly does his impersonation of a beet while Jones attempts to avoid causing his coach to have a pulmonary embolism.

Tough Love Spanking

Saban returns to form in another incident, this time showing off what to do when you get tired of yelling at your players for throwing like blind drunks. Punch them in the ass. If that doesn’t work, nothing will.

Bobby Knight Throws Chair

And here we are. A timeless classic.

Technically speaking, Bobby Knight isn’t a coach. He’s a legend. Indiana meets Purdue in 1985, and Knight isn’t happy with how things are going. So, what does he do? Some deep breathing exercises? A little meditation? Perhaps a discussion with a player? No, no. We’ll have none of that here. Knight does what any great coach would do. He throws his chair onto the court at a referee. Five minutes into the game, Knight gets ejected. When it comes to coaches, they just don’t make them like they used to.