Hey, Chris Kluwe: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

So Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe decided to summarize the NFL lockout with this white board illustration he posted on Twitter recently:

As Peyton Manning can attest, whenever an idiot kicker opens his mouth (or, in this case, gets out a dry erase marker and a camera phone), buffoonery ensues. Kluwe clearly demonstrates the across-the-board cluelessness that alienates fans during sports-related labor battles. Which is no small feat for him, considering he’s neither an owner nor a player, just a punter.

Jim Koelzer and Jim Smith, two serious NFL fans we know (specifically, they’re Lions fans, so they’re especially bitter) took it upon themselves to correct Mr. Kluwe with the following:

So let this be a lesson to the owners and players (punters and placekickers especially): the next time you feel the urge to publicly spout off about how rough you have it, do everyone a favor and don’t.