Smoking Poll: Would You Watch Two and a Half Men if Charlie Sheen Returned?


We normally make these “Smoking Poll” questions completely pointless and ridiculous (see Does This House Look Like Hitler’s Face, for example). But today, we’re going a different route.

Unlike our previous Smoking Poll questions, this time around, we’re actually kind of interested in what you have to say. Here’s the scoop.

We’ve all heard that Charlie Sheen was booed in Detroit during the first stop of his comedy (?) tour. He apparently turned things around a bit with the following show in Chicago. Not enough to make us want to buy a ticket, but still, good for him. But something even more interesting happened in Chicago during Charlie Sheen’s “performance.”

At one point, when the discussion turned to his former gig as the star of the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, he apparently shed some of his unruly exterior and spoke some conciliatory words about the show. He even went so far as to say this:

“If they say ‘Here’s your job back,’ I’ll go back to work.”

Fascinating! That leads us to our question. Before all of this online drama unfolded, most of the thinking world viewed Two and a Half Men as a blight on the sitcom landscape. Have Charlie Sheen’s antics and newfound internet hero status changed that? Vote in the poll below and let us know and then head to the comments section to state your case.