Five Fun Ways to Spend Your Morning with Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen

So much has happened in the week since we posted our criminally underrated choose your own adventure story, A Night With Charlie Sheen. If you read it, you may remember that one of the alternate endings in that story involved Two and a Half Men coming to an abrupt and untimely end. Well, that seems to have happened. That, and so much more.

Since then, there have been press releases and insane interviews and all sorts of public relations carnage but, somehow, Charlie Sheen has emerged from it all as an internet hero of sorts. In fact, in the past few days he literally seems to have taken over the internet. Websites and memes dedicated to the man have been popping up all over the damn place.

And now, TSJ is here to help you get a handle on all of it. You’re probably reading this right now from the discomfort of your office or cubicle and the fact that you’re on the internet means one thing… you don’t feel like working right now. Far be it from us to leave a prescription like that unfilled. Instead of spending your morning updating TPS reports, why not spend it in the loving embrace of Charlie Sheen’s rampant insanity?

Here are five fun ways to spend your morning with Charlie Sheen…

Charlie Meme Pt. 1

Charlie Sheen meme

This wouldn’t be the internet if Charlie Sheen’s seemingly endless well of wacky quotes weren’t turned into a series of brightly colored memes to be passed around the web like so many crack pipes at… never mind. In a move we never saw coming, the first shots in that war were fired by

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Charlie Meme Pt. 2

sheen meme

It’s the way of the meme that, once it’s set loose in the wild, it’s fair game for anyone to pounce on. Our friends at did just that, picking up where Westword left off.

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Vanity Fair’s Stark Raving Mad Libs: Charlie Sheen Edition

madlibsDid hearing Charlie Sheen’s epic talk show rants leave you wishing you were capable of the same kind of unhinged verbal lunacy? Well wish no more, Vanity Fair has you covered. Just fill out a quick form using words of your choosing, and this handy app will insert them into some of Chuck’s already legendary tirades.

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Random Charlie Sheen Quote Generator

sheenheadWhat’s that? Entering your own words is too much work? Wow, you are lazy, aren’t you? No worries though, just head over to the Charlie Sheen Random Quote Generator. All you have to do is click his crazy head and it will spit out a tasty bit of Sheen fueled inspiration. Write them all down and let them be your guide along the winding path we call life.

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Charlie Sheen on Twitter!

charlie sheen twitterYes, of course he joined Twitter, just yesterday, in fact. As we write this (about 12 hours ago, by the time you read it) he’s only strung together a handful of Tweets, but as you can see from the Tweet posted above, shit is likely to get very entertaining very soon.

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Hey, after you’re done enjoying all of that, why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit our epic choose your own adventure tale, A Night With Charlie SheenClick here and read it now!