Viral Outbreak: Britney Spears Does the Poo Cocktail Supreme

britney spears

How’s that for a compelling title? Even if you’re not the least bit interested in Britney Spears, it’s kind of hard to not at least click through and see what this is all about, yeah?

Fortunately for you and your morbid sense of curiosity, what’s going on here is every bit as disgusting as the title of this post implies. That is, if it’s real at all.

Remember the famous scene in Jackass 3D where Steve-O gets strapped into a porta-potty, bungees into the air and is promptly coated in feces, urine and that mysterious blue water that sits in the bottom of all portable toilets? Well, apparently Britney Spears did the exact same stunt, as seen in this video.

We’re not sure if we’re buying it though. How does THIS not make the movie? That’s absurd. Even if it’s a legitimate outtake, the timing of it finally surfacing is beyond suspect. Britney Spears just released a new album this week, and now this alleged stunt from Jackass 3D comes out? Surely you’ll understand our skepticism here. But still, it’s pretty damn funny.