Boobs are Getting Bigger

Good news for all of you breast men out there: The average breast size of women is growing, and it’s not just because of rampant implant surgeries. That’s right—super-large, 100-percent natural boobs are on the rise. Just ask the folks over at Bravissimo, a lingerie label for the amply endowed. The designer recently added a new size to its range of bras—the L-cup. Two years ago Bravissimo launched the KK-cup, but that brassiere is so two-years-ago. It’s already failing to meet the needs of the big-breasted ladies everywhere.

So, what’s the deal? Are all of those male prayers for a world populated by women with giant ta-tas finally being answered? Well, sort of. Although one of the main reasons why we are seeing all these middle-of-the-alphabet bra sizes is simply due to the fact that women have been forcing their breasts into too-small bras for years, the average breast size has definitely increased in the last 60 years. In the 1950s, the average woman wore a B-cup. Today, the average woman wears a C-cup. One of the main reasons is that people are getting fatter, and boobs are, well… big blobs of fat—totally awesome big blobs of fat, to be sure, but big blobs of fat all the same. However, in case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of women out there blessed with ginormous boobs and bangin’ bodies to boot…


… which brings us to the other reason why boobs are getting bigger: That all-powerful lady-hormone, estrogen. Because a high percentage of modern women are on birth control and put off having children until later in life, they are exposed to estrogen for much longer than were women in the past. Subsequently, the boobs of today’s ladies are bigger than their mother’s boobs, and the boobs of the daughters of these women are going to be even larger. Basically, if you’re into large racks, 2011 and beyond is a good era to be living in. So, on behalf of boob-lovers everywhere, we thank you, estrogen. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.