Viral Outbreak: The Most Maddeningly Pointless Internet Video Ever


Wow. That’s all we can really say about this video. As we write this, it has 24 views. There’s good reason for that.

Is it the subject matter that makes this video unpopular? Probably not. It’s basically video of a “true Christian” claiming to have knowledge that Kirk Cameron is an alien. Or something like that. But when is absurdity of that nature not embraced on the Internet? No, it’s not the subject matter. It’s something else.

You see, this is the most pointless Internet video ever. Ever as in all-time. ALL. TIME. That’s a bold claim, we know. Especially considering that this video also exists…

But even that, a two-second video of a girl showing us what her hair looks like now, can’t compare to the inanity of what you’re about to see. Because what you’re about to see is a letter. You know, like the kind your grandmother used to send you in 1985. Except in this case, instead of grandma mailing it to you on your birthday with a check for six dollars, she posted it on YouTube and substituted the six dollar check with lunacy.

To put that rant in layman’s terms, someone typed up a letter and posted it on YouTube. Not Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress or one of the countless other platforms that allow you to post your words for all the world to see. They posted it on YouTube. A letter.

Here’s hoping your soon to be scorched retinas can read all of this fast enough to keep up with the action packed moment when the person who posted this video thinks you’ve had sufficient time to read the first part. We won’t tell you when that moment happens, because it’s literally the only action in the entire clip. Who are we to spoil thrills like that?