Today on YouTube: Humping Dogs, Bowling Catastrophes, Irene in Canada and More

cat [2]

A lot of ridiculous stuff gets uploaded to YouTube each day. Is there any way to see it all? Yes, if you have nothing but available free time on your hands. You don’t. We do. So, as our way of saving you a lot of unnecessary sifting, we plow through YouTube’s “recent uploads” to find five bizarre (among other adjectives) videos that you probably haven’t seen yet.

Here is Today On Youtube…

Canada After Irene

Hey, look at all that destruction and flood damage! What are you, trying to show us up or something, Canada?

The Sandesh Dance

We have no words for what is happening here. What is it about American’s that we’re so inhibited that we only see stuff like this in chick flicks or whenever Robin Williams does stand up or probably even just stands up? We need to loosen the hell up a bit.

That’s Better

Now this is what we’re talking about. Yes, hurling a bowling ball through a false ceiling, thereby releasing a cloud of almost certainly toxic smoke is traditionally frowned upon in most bowling rule books. But damn if we don’t appreciate a girl who’s down to improvise.

Fake Cats, Because There Aren’t Enough Real Cats On the Internet Already

Yeah, it’s a video of a fat cat dancing. Not a real cat, though. It’s some kind of computer generated atrocity that could very well be from some 80s movie. If it’s not, be on the look out for it to be in theaters near you soon. Probably starring Jack Black.

And Finally, Your Humping Dog of the Day

At first we kind of thought this dog was whacking it, which might technically be the case. But it’s hard to see while the action is happening that a helpless stuffed animal is flailing underneath all of that canine undulation. But it makes a showing at the end.