Power Rankings: 10 Sports Stories from the Past Week We’d Give to Derek Jeter for Free

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This weekend, all eyes in the sports world were turned to the Yankee Captain and arguably best player ever, Derek Jeter, as he and his bat and his alleged herpes made a valiant quest for 3,000 hits. And, as only Jeter could do it, he homered for the magical hit 3,000th hit (well, only Jeter and Wade Boggs).

The ball blessed by the bat of a god landed in the hands of Christian Lopez, 23, who decided he hates money and likes being a nice human being/an idiot. But it all worked out for him, as the Yankees gave him four suite tickets the rest of the year and some autographed stuff from Jeter, which he has to pay taxes on. But he did get to touch Derek Jeter’s hand, so all the money he’s losing by being a good dude is basically a wash.

Here are the other stories from this week we’d give to Jeter for free (click each pic to read the full story).

1. Jeter gets his 3,000 hit…


He went 5-5 on the day with the game-winning hit, falling a triple short of the cycle and proving he’s not clutch.

2. Deron Williams playing in Turkey if there’s a lockout…

deron williams

This isn’t really that shocking since pretty much anywhere would be more desirable than New Jersey.

3. Funny or Die makes Field of Dreams 2…

field of dreams

The best sequel of the year.

4. Baseball’s All-Star game happened…

all star game

Apparently the players ran out of excuses to skip the game.

5. Robinson Cano wins the Home Run Derby…


Proving the best way to win the home run derby is to not be a home run hitter.

6. Roy Williams wants his $76,000 engagement ring back…

roy williams engagement

He mailed it to his girlfriend. Vincent Van Gough isn’t the first person I’d take seduction tips from.

7. Yao Ming Retires…

yao ming retires

Not surprisingly, he was voted to start the 2012 All-Star Game.

8. Agassi inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame…

andre agassi hall of fame

In related news, tennis has a Hall of Fame. And somehow Andre Agassi wasn’t a part of it.

9. Women’s soccer is sort of interesting…


Some guy who watched the game told me.

10. OSU vacates wins from 2010…

jim tressel

Michigan must be upset at themselves for firing Rich Rodriguez. All he’s done since leaving is beat Ohio State.